One Piece Episode 633


Corrida Colosseum: Luffy wants to sign up for the tournament, but Franky urges him not to blow his cover. Luffy promises him this, but then wants to sign up with his real name, whereupon Franky has to remind him again not to blow his cover. Luffy then signs in with the name Lucy and enters the contestant area. He promises Franky to return with the Fire Fruit, whereupon Franky wants to go to the spectator seats, but he notices the toy soldier from earlier, who goes through the list of participants and glumly notes that a woman named Rebecca is participating in the tournament. Franky asks the toy soldier about the high-ranking members of the Donquixote family and the factory, at which point the toy soldier becomes very frightened.

Sanji and Violet are out on the streets again. Violet again spies new pursuers and asks Sanji to follow her. The love-struck chef again does everything his new beloved asks him to do.

Coliseum, Waiting Room: Luffy is led to the waiting room where he can prepare for the upcoming battles. The room is filled with the remaining 555 participants. Luffy looks around at the remaining participants. The contestants in turn, which mostly consist of huge, muscle-bound gladiators, wonder about the small skinny man with a beard and think he must have been sneaking behind the scenes. For Spartan, however, such a thing is insulting, he hates such guys the most and wants to kick Luffy out with some punches. Luffy dodges each punch and eventually knocks him into the ground himself. Some participants are then deeply impressed by Lucy, while others keep to the shadows and watch their new adversary. A referee already wants to disqualify Luffy, since it looked like he started the fight. But suddenly, the Chinjao family comes forward. Sai and Boo explain that it was Spartan, not Luffy, who started the fight, so he’d better be disqualified. After several other participants confirm this, the referee apologizes to Luffy and disqualifies Spartan. Luffy, in turn, thanks Sai and Boo.

In another corner of the room, Kelly Funk, the older of the two Funk brothers, complains about Dagama, the tactician of the Prodense Kingdom, as he seems to be plotting something, as he has talked to several strong fighters on his block and probably even bribed them. The Funk brothers want to explain to him that this won’t do much good, as there will only be one winner per block after all. Dagama, on the other hand, thinks that the two of them shouldn’t talk to him so cockily because they were surely also sent here by their kingdom so that they could obtain the Fire Fruit at any cost, which would be worth more than any other weapon. Besides, they probably wouldn’t be the only ones up to anything either, as there are many famous people participating in the tournament: Notorious criminal Suleiman, bounty hunters Abdullah and Jeet, adventurer Orlumbus, contender for the Donquixote pirate band Bellamy, and famous pirates Cavendish and Bartolomeo. The first round consists of a battle royal of the individual blocks A, B, C and D, leaving only four contestants at the end to face the fighters of the Donquixote family. Since it’s thus not that easy to win this tournament, Dagama says everyone is planning a strategy to get to the next round. Personally, Dagama again finds it suspicious that both Funk brothers ended up on the same block and believes that they surely bribed someone in that regard. Luffy overhears some of this and asks someone from the tournament administration which block they ended up in. Luffy is fighting in block C.

Arena: Announcer Gatz explains the rules of the tournament. Since this is a battle royal, everyone fights everyone else. The winner is the one who is still standing at the end. Around the battle arena is a moat filled with water in which dangerous little fighting fish swim, attacking anyone who gets too close. Shortly after, the fights of block A begin.

Dressing Room: Luffy is in the dressing room, where he can equip himself for the fights with various armors, shields or weapons. Luffy immediately notices a statue of a gladiator named Kyros, which impresses him quite a bit. Shortly after, however, he picks up some armor. Meanwhile, someone else enters the room, whereupon the women swoon one by one due to this man’s beauty. “Pirate Prince” Cavendish has entered the room and admonishes Luffy not to wear so much armor. Cavendish explains that it doesn’t really matter since he would be the one who will win the Fire Fruit and its beautiful powers.

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