One Piece Episode 632


Coliseum: Announcer Gatz explains that in order to win the Fire Fruit, the contestants would be divided into four blocks. The winners of each block would then face off against the members of the Donquixote Pirates: Senor Pink, Dellinger, Lao G, and Machvise. Last but not least, they would then have to face the hero of the arena Diamante.

Alley: Luffy wants to know why the Fire Fruit exists again, since Ace died. Doflamingo’s henchman, whom Luffy and Franky interrogate, explains that when a Devil Fruit user dies, his Devil Fruit reappears somewhere in the world until someone else eats it. Luffy wants this devil fruit to make sure no stranger gets his brother’s powers. He asks Franky if he would eat the fruit, to which Franky replies in the negative. Franky can figure that this is a trap for Luffy, yet the cyborg tells his captain that he shouldn’t pass up this chance, whereupon they both go on their way.

Meanwhile, Zoro continues to pursue the thief of his sword, while Sanji in turn pursues Zoro. However, a public dance performance by the dancer Violet, where Sanji receives a rose from her, distracts him. Zoro gives him a warning to watch out, as the women here like to stab men. Sanji doesn’t care, however, noticing that Zoro has already rushed after the thief again and he has lost him. The Cook is then exploring the town alone when Violet approaches him and hugs him intimately, trying to shake off her pursuers from the police. After they pass, Violet apologizes for her behavior, which Sanji takes anything but offense to. He is smitten with the beautiful dancer. However, she advises him not to get involved with her, as she is wanted by the police for stabbing her last lover. Sanji is shocked at first, but still thinks this is okay. Surprised by Sanji’s niceness, Violet warns him that if he continues to be so kind to her, she will still fall in love with him. Sanji doesn’t mind, whereupon she asks him to accompany her to the nearest town and kill a certain person.

Zoro, meanwhile, is still wandering around the city looking for the thief. He sees the thief jumping over the rooftops and resumes his pursuit. Kinemon, meanwhile, is looking for his samurai friend Kanjuro.

Sanji is now Violet’s bodyguard. He briefly takes over a small restaurant, beating up the cooks there when they refused to let him use the kitchen for a short time. Sanji then makes Violet some food to help her regain her strength. He doesn’t notice that some people are watching him in the meantime, too.

Colosseum: Meanwhile, Luffy and Franky have arrived at the Colosseum and see a toy soldier being chased by the police. However, after the toy reaches the coliseum, it is safe. By law, neither the police nor the navy can enter the Colosseum, as only the law of the Donquixote Pirates applies there. Thus, the policemen must leave. Luffy and Franky find the toy soldier a bit strange, especially since he is supposed to be a criminal. The soldier approaches the two and asks them if he should take some luggage from them, as he thinks they are old people due to their fake beards. Suddenly, they hear the registration for the tournament about to close, at which point Luffy announces that he wants to enter as well.

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