One Piece Episode 631


Dress Rosa, Restaurant: The blind man has bet everything on white at roulette, while Doflamingo’s underlings have bet everything on black in return. The ball lands on white, but Doflamingo’s henchmen want to lie to the blind man. Luffy interferes and tells the blind man that he actually won. The latter is grateful to him for this. The gambling operators are incensed by this and want to attack Luffy for it. The blind man wants to show his appreciation for Luffy’s kindness and attacks the gang with his sword for him. At first glance, nothing seems to have happened, but a short time later the wrongdoers are pinned to the ground. They seem to get heavier and heavier until in the end they break through the floor of the restaurant and fall unconscious into the basement. Luffy is heavily impressed by the blind man and asks him who he is. The blind man is paying for the damages and about to leave when he thinks it would probably be better for them both if he didn’t tell. Shortly after, the blind man leaves the restaurant.

During the commotion, some people realize that they have been robbed. Zoro notices that his sword Shuusui has been stolen, which horrifies Kinemon. A toy explains that this is probably the work of the fairies and to just laugh it off. Since the fairies are the protectors of Dress Rosa, they are allowed to take whatever they want, which Zoro refuses to accept. Kinemon even less so, since the Shuusui is his country’s national treasure. He planned to duel Zoro for it.

Zoro notices the thief and chases him out of the restaurant. Sanji knows about Zoro’s disorientation and runs after him, because otherwise he surely will get lost. Kinemon also wants to save the sword and runs after the two as well. Luffy wants to join them, but Franky holds him back. He has come up with an idea on how they can get information.

Zoro, Sanji, and Kinemon run through the alleys and streets of the city. Kinemon loses them though and is now lost in the city. From a back alley, the samurai is observed by Doflamingo’s men.

Meanwhile, in another alley, Franky and Luffy interrogate one of Doflamingo’s men from the restaurant. But the man seems to be low down in the pirate gang hierarchy, so he can’t provide any information. Franky at least wants to know where a higher ranking officer is, who they can then question. Most are apparently staying at the Corrida Colosseum right now, as Doflamingo has a special prize on display in today’s tournament.

Corrida Colosseum: In front of the Colosseum a one-legged toy soldier shoos the children away. He says that the Colosseum is too brutal for them. Shortly after, the toy soldier is chased by some guards, as he himself is a wanted criminal. Inside the coliseum, commentator Gatz reveals that today’s prize for the winner of the tournament is Ace’s Fire Fruit.

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