One Piece Episode 629


Newspaper gulls are spreading the news of Doflamingo’s resignation from the Seven Samurai all over the Grand Line. The formation of Luffy and Law’s alliances, as well as those of the Kid, Basil Hawkins, and Apoo, have also become public. Some worry about the people of Dress Rosa on other islands. In war zones, they wonder what they should do now that their arms dealer is no longer under the protection of the world government. Still others are worried about the information about the pirate alliances. The Kid pirate gang wonders how information about their alliance got out to the public and who this freelance reporter Absa is who reported on it. The Kid himself doesn’t care about this, he’s more interested in the alliance between Law and Luffy. He suspects that they have also joined forces to eliminate one of the Four Emperors, wondering who their target is.

Thousand Sunny: Law has reached Doflamingo via the Den-den Mushi, who confirms he has resigned from the Seven Samurai. Luffy takes over the conversation and vows to fight Doflamingo if he ever allows Caesar to abuse defenseless children for his experiments again. Doflamingo ignores the threat and in return tells Luffy that he would like to meet him, as he has something with him that Luffy would surely like. While Luffy fantasizes about delicious meat, Law tells Doflamingo that they will hand over Caesar as promised. The handover will take place in eight hours on Green Bit, a small island north of Dress Rosa.

Sanji is concerned if it was wise not to make another demand about how many men Doflamingo is allowed to bring for the drop. Law explains that this isn’t necessary, as the handover is just a distraction so they can destroy the Smile factory in the meantime. However, Law doesn’t know the location of the factory either. Law is startled by the Straw Hats’ carelessness after they go to the kitchen to get something to eat.

Kinemon says over breakfast that he and Momonosuke were originally four and headed to Zou when they stopped on Dress Rosa. Law notes that it just so happens that his crew is on Zou right now and that would have been his next destination. Kinemon and Momonosuke ask him to take them later. Kinemon tells them that they were originally three samurai and Momonosuke when their ship capsized. His son, himself, and his friend Kanjuro ended up on Dress Rosa. There they were hunted by Doflamingo. Momonosuke was hiding from the pursuers on a ship when it suddenly left for Punk Hazard. While Kinemon sailed after the ship in a boat, Kanjuro sacrificed himself and was captured. Kinemon is therefore desperate to return to Dress Rosa to free his comrade. Luffy promises to help the samurai, which upsets Law somewhat, as this might jeopardize their plan.

Dress Rosa, Doflamingo’s Palace: Doflamingo enters a room with four chairs, which are shaped like hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades. One person is already sitting on each of the spades and diamonds chairs. Baby 5 mentions that Trébol is not yet present, which does not bother Doflamingo. He thanks the others for their patience.

Naval Headquarters: Brannew talks about the Seven Samurai in front of several naval officers. He again names the individual members of the Samurai, revealing that Buggy has since become one of the Seven Samurai as well. Brannew explains the importance of stability in the Three Power. However, due to this morning’s newspaper, Doflamingo has resigned and Law will likely have to be removed from office. To make arrangements, Grand Admiral Sakazuki has dispatched Fujitora.

Dress Rosa, Doflamingo’s estate, pool: Baby 5 is looking for Trébol while Lao G, Giolla and Machvise play cards and talk about the situation of Doflamingo’s resignation. Baby 5 discovers Trébol stuck to the upper wall of the mansion. Like slime, he falls to the ground and recomposes himself. He hears that Baby 5 has lost another fiancé and teases her about it. Baby 5 in turn replies that Doflamingo is looking for him and that he should bring the item.

Doflamingo’s estate: Doflamingo is praising Diamante for his work in the Coliseum when suddenly Trébol appears. He hands Doflamingo a small box and sits down on the cross chair. Inside the box is the fire fruit that Ace once ate from. For this reason, he entrusts it to Diamante to take care of Luffy.

Thousand Sunny: The Straw Hats reach the shores of Dress Rosa.

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