One Piece Episode 627

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Breed’s Ship: Breed has used his devil powers to collar both Luffy and Chopper and Law, forcing them to do whatever he asks of them. Breed demonstrates this by preventing them from attacking him and humiliating them with ridiculous commands. Breed explains that humans aren’t good enough for him, which is why he keeps them as slaves at best. Meanwhile, the effects of the Rumble Ball wear off and Chopper shrinks back to his normal size. Only now does Breed realize how cute Chopper is, to which he excessively cuddles and hugs Chopper. When Luffy demands that Chopper be left alone, Breed sends for sea stone handcuffs for Law and Luffy and locks them in a cage with sea stone bars.

Luffy and Law meet Caesar again, who is also wearing one of Breed’s collars and is attached to a leash. Law learns that Breed is not one of Doflamingo’s people, and Caesar explains that Breed needs him to create his dream kingdom. Caesar then curses Breed, who has been following everything with the help of a Den-den Mushi and then orders Caesar over the loudspeaker to throw himself on the ground as punishment.

A short time later, Breed comes in and presents Chopper, whom he now calls Chappy and has re-dressed. When Breed tries to cuddle Chopper again, Chopper accidentally scratches him while trying to avoid his excessive love. Breed then gets angry and whips Chopper for his behavior. Luffy gets angry and demands that Breed leave his friend alone. The word “friend” brings back unpleasant memories in Breed of being abandoned in the middle of the ocean by his former comrades back in the day. Furious, Breed declares that there is no such thing as friendship for him. All he needed was absolute loyalty. Humans would get in his way every time, but animals would be different. They do exactly what he tells them to do, which is why he prefers animals to humans. Caesar then asks Breed about his motives, whereupon Breed shows him a Smile fruit. He plans to use these artificially created Zoan Devil Fruits to turn all humans into animals, which he will then control with his devil powers, thus building a kingdom of animals, which is solely under his control. Luffy, however, wants to oppose him and declares that he is a pirate and pirates are free. Breed becomes angry, as Luffy is the sort of person he despises the most. Originally, he considered letting him go somewhere again. However, now he wants the Straw Hat Captain dead.

Arena: Luffy and Law’s cage is transported up to an arena. The cage and handcuffs are destroyed. Breed perches on a pillar above the two and intends to show them the true horror of his devil fruit by ordering them to kill each other without using their devil powers. They then begin to fight each other with bare fists. Law manages to turn the fight on Breed’s pillar in the process, whereupon Luffy destroys it. Caesar is able to escape during the whole mess. Breed notices this, but lets him, since Caesar can’t escape from his ship no matter what he would try. He rather continues to enjoy the show Law and Luffy are giving him. The Kung-Fu Seal, meanwhile, can no longer stand by as Luffy is forced to fight a friend and is severely injured himself in the process. The seal jumps between the two and then asks Breed to stop the fight. The latter gets angry at the seal getting in his way and whips it several times. However, time and time again, the seal seems to beg Breed to let Luffy stop. After a while, Breed sees how much Luffy means to the kung-fu seal and makes him and Law stop fighting. However, in exchange, the Kung-Fu Seal is now supposed to kill them both. Through Breed’s devilish powers, the Kung-Fu Seal is forced to do this and beats Luffy and Law while crying. As Luffy and Law stand at a window, Breed orders the two to be thrown out. Luffy tells the seal that it would be fine and that she has gotten really strong, to which the seal throws one last punch and kicks them both out, causing them to apparently fall into the ocean. As the Kung-Fu Seal rushes to the window, all she sees through the ripples in the water is how two things appear to have fallen into the sea. The kung-fu seal weeps bitterly at the loss of its master.

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