One Piece Episode 626

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Thousand Sunny: In the middle of the night, the Thousand Sunny is attacked by a group of strangers. All you hear from the attackers are strange noises, but Chopper seems to understand them. After a whistle, the attackers jump back into the water and their leader appears from the mast. He introduces himself as Breed, the user of the pet fruit. To Law’s horror, he wants to kidnap Caesar. The latter laughs and thinks the Straw Hats underestimated Doflamingo. When Luffy goes to counterattack, he is repulsed by a kung-fu seal that Haki controls. Breed then disappears with Caesar, leaving some underwater creatures to create giant waves. Shortly after, the Straw Hats spot Breed’s giant ship, which isn’t far away at all. Since the waves prevent the Sunny from giving chase, Franky advises taking the Shark Submerge. Luffy, Chopper and Law then pursue the hijackers.

Shark Submerge: Chopper explains that he came along because the attackers looked like Lapins. These are actually from his homeland and usually can’t swim. Law explains that he could also identify the creatures more as sea lapins, which are from his home, the Northblue. What also irritated Chopper was that one of the animals said that it didn’t actually want to do any of this. Law then wonders if Doflamingo is really behind this. The submarine then goes after the Sea Lapins, who use an underwater entrance of the ship.

Breed’s Ship: When the submarine arrives at a dock, the pirates enter the ship. They enter a large room that appears to be a walk-through aquarium. They are attacked by a small army of animals, but they are able to defeat them. In the end, the kung-fu seal appears again and attacks Luffy. The latter wants to settle his score with the seal and an exchange of blows ensues, with Luffy winning and cheering himself. When the seal comes to, it hugs Luffy overjoyed. After Chopper’s translation, the seal recognizes Luffy as her old master, whom she hasn’t seen in a long time. It turns out that the Kung-Fu Seal is actually one of the Kung-Fu Seals of Arabasta, once tamed by Luffy.

Elsewhere on the ship, Caesar sits in a cell and demands to be released because he is an important person to Doflamingo. Breed approaches Caesar and explains that he doesn’t care and Caesar is nothing more than an inferior human to him, but will use his science to help him build his own kingdom. Caesar now understands that Breed is not working for Doflamingo and refuses to help him. However, Breed believes he can quickly change Caesar’s mind, whereupon he uses his devil powers.

Back with Luffy, Law, and Chopper: The Kung-Fu Seal explains that Luffy inspired her, which is why she sailed off on her own to become a pirate and assembled a crew of various fighting animals. Out of admiration for Luffy, she even painted his scar on her chest. However, one day the animal crew encountered Breed, who enslaved them and forced them to do these acts. Shortly after, Breed can be heard over the loudspeaker demanding everyone line up. Shortly after, Breed enters the room and complains to the animals that this didn’t go any faster and that they better obey him. Breed then introduces himself to Law and Luffy as a pirate who kidnapped Caesar for his own plans. While Breed knows that the other two pirate captains clearly outnumber him in strength, he knows other ways to defeat them and uses his devil powers. He creates a green ring which he throws at them. Chopper is hit, who now obeys Breed. He then orders Chopper to attack them both. Chopper wants to refuse, but he can’t control his body. He eats a Rumble Ball and uses his Monster Point, which he uses to attack his friends. Breed explains that his pet fruit allows him to control everything and everyone as if they were his pets. When Law tries to use his devil powers against Chopper, he is prevented from doing so by Luffy, who doesn’t want Chopper to get hurt. Breed takes the opportunity to throw a ring at the two of them as well, which means he now has control over them as well.


  • Law addresses Chopper as“Tanuki-ya“here. However, according to SBS Volume 72, Law’s nickname for Chopper is“Tony-ya„.
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