One Piece Episode 624


Thousand Sunny: The Straw Hat Pirates has departed from Punk Hazard. Chopper is tending to Caesar’s injuries. While he hates Caesar and would rather inflict more injuries on him, as a doctor he is obligated to help everyone. Meanwhile, Brook asks Franky what happened to the Mini-Merry and what he did after he left Luffy & Co.

Flashback: With his Coup de Boo, Franky flew all the way to the Thousand Sunny. As the Shinokuni gas got closer and closer, he had to sail away in the ship. He went to the other side of the island to pick up the Mini-Merry and then came back in his Franky Shogun robot, as it gave him protection from the poison.

Present: Brook and Usopp ask Kinemon and Momonosuke why they didn’t go with the Navy. Kinemon explains that the two are in the middle of an important mission right now and don’t want to get involved with the Navy. They would also be fine if the Straw Hats let them go at the next island. Luffy doesn’t mind the two accompanying them. When Luffy asks where they are actually sailing to next, Law replies that the next destination is Dress Rosa.

Punk Hazard: The G5 marines get their protective suits from Caesar’s former henchmen. The suits were made by Vegapunk and protect you from the poison gas, which Caesar wanted to keep secret. Equipped with the suits, the marines set out to save their comrades, as they will not die until exposed to the poisonous shell the gas formed around them for twelve hours. Smoker also allows Brownbeard to return to the island and save his men, for which the pirate is extremely grateful.

The remaining marines are wondering what to do with the bodies of Baby 5 and Buffalo. Suddenly, their heads fall from the sky directly onto their bodies. Shortly after, Doflamingo comes leaping out of the air and brings most of the soldiers to their knees with his King Shaki. The Samurai of the Seas asks which direction the Straw Hats’ ship sailed. When no one will answer him, he uses his devil powers to force the marines to shoot at each other. When they still won’t answer his question after that, Smoker interferes and attacks Doflamingo. Doflamingo then inquires of Smoker. The Vice Admiral recalls that Law said he was going to Green Bit, but he doesn’t mention this to Doflamingo. He tells him that the pirates got away from him and sarcastically adds that he doesn’t know what to tell the head of the G5 base Vergo now, addressing Doflamingo as Joker. It is then clear to Doflamingo that Smoker knows too much. Thereupon a fight breaks out between the two, whereby Smoker is inferior to his opponent. When Doflamingo tries to attack Smoker’s men again, the Vice Admiral throws himself in between and is seriously injured.

Thousand Sunny: Kinemon is puzzled that the next target is Dress Rosa, since that is also their next port of call. Law wants Nami to watch out for the middle needle of the log port. However, he doesn’t plan on heading straight for the island. To explain the whole plan again, all the members of the Straw Hat Pirates then gather around Law. Luffy, meanwhile, informs the rest of the members that they have formed an alliance with Law. The target of their alliance is Kaidou, one of the Four Emperors. He runs several underground businesses, like many other pirate gangs in the New World. The most important business partner is said to be Doflamingo. In order to stop their business for the time being, Caesar had to be kidnapped while Law destroyed the SAD production.

Punk Hazard: Doflamingo is about to finish Smoker off so no one will know about his business. But just before he can deliver the coup de grace to Smoker, he is stopped by the suddenly appearing Kuzan. The latter says that Smoker is his friend, which is why he cannot allow this to happen.

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