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Punk Hazard, Coast: The G5 marines have drawn a line at the tanker to keep the pirates and marines separated. Smoker finds this childish, as all he wanted was for his soldiers not to befriend the pirates. Further, he was able to contact his base earlier to have them send someone to pick them up. Luffy wonders about Brownbeard’s decision to turn himself in to the Navy. Brownbeard explains that Caesar tried some poisons on them and the Navy offered to treat them if they turned themselves in. Brownbeard accepted this, preferring to be a prisoner of the Navy rather than a guinea pig of Caesar. Brownbeard then thanks Luffy for defeating Caesar. Meanwhile, Sanji and Brook build a fire pit for cooking.

Tanker: Franky repairs Caesar’s tanker with some G5 soldiers. Tashigi asks Nami to give the children into her care. Nami does not want to accept this at first, as the Navy is partly to blame for the children’s situation. However, with tears in her eyes and bowing, Tashigi asks Nami to leave the children to her. She promises to personally ask Vegapunk about treatment for the children, and she would do everything in her power to ensure that the children are returned safely to their parents.

Inside the tanker, Chopper has become curious about how Law is going to treat the children and dares to take a look. The little reindeer gets a big fright, whereupon he roars that Law is a murderer, since he saw him cutting the children with his sword.

Brook is so surprised by this news that he accidentally knocks over the statue that Kinemon became, causing it to break. Brook believes he is a murderer, but from the remains of the statue, Kinemon suddenly emerges alive and kicking. The sight of his father causes Momonosuke to revert to his human form. A cordial reunion between father and son ensues, with Kinemon also immediately creating a kimono for his son. However, Momonosuke then collapses from hunger.

Chopper confronts Law. Law explains that he warned Chopper not to open the door. However, when Chopper goes to check, he sees that the kids are all okay. Law had used his devil powers to cut up the kids to extract the drugs. All the kids are fine again, only Mocha needs to recover a bit. The kids are looking forward to thanking the rest of the Straw Hats for their help, as they promised to take them back to their parents. Suddenly, Tashigi comes in and tells the children that she is now in charge of them and will take them back to their parents, which the children do not agree to at all.

Usopp asks Nami if she is sure about her decision to leave the children with the Navy. Nami responds by saying that as pirates, they would probably cause more chaos and misunderstanding if they took the children to their parents. Also, Tashigi reminded Nami a bit of Bell-mère, which is why she thinks she can be trusted with it.

Sanji has used one of Ivankov’s 99 recipes to whip up a little feast. Since Momonosuke hasn’t eaten in days, the chef allows him to eat first. But the little samurai doesn’t want the food, even though his stomach is already growing loudly. When he even wants to throw away a bowl of soup, Sanji gets angry at him. But suddenly Kinemon sits down at the table, starts eating, and praises Sanji’s cooking. Kinemon tells his son that he’s proud that he’s lasted this long without eating anything, yet he should now accept the kindness of their new friends since they’ve already saved his life too. Kinemon continues to explain that I’m sure the others are fine and they absolutely need to live on now, so Momonosuke should go ahead and eat. They both eat in response, tears welling up in their eyes. Sanji surmises that there’s probably more to it than that, and that both of them must have gone through a rough time in the past. Meanwhile, all of Caesar’s former people, the kids, and the marines have lined up around the food, as they were attracted to the wonderful smell. Law tells Luffy that they better get out of here fast, as someone is surely after them now. Luffy then orders his men to hurry up and finally start the feast. The usual victory celebration ensues, with the marines no longer caring who is pirate or soldier either.

Law joins Smoker, who is sitting off to the side. Smoker learns from some soldiers that they got Caesar to tell them how to save their comrades after all, which is why they want to go back to the island. Smoker then asks the Samurai of the Seas what he would use the Straw Hat Pirates for. Law then says that he has the impression that he is actually the one who is being used and remembers the conversation when he made Luffy the offer of an alliance.

Flashback: Luffy asks Law which of the Four Emperors he wants to defeat. Law replies that his target is Kaidou, the King of Beasts. Luffy agrees, as long as Shanks is not the first. You see, Luffy has set his sights on defeating all Four Emperors.

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