One Piece Episode 621


Coast of Punk Hazard: Baby 5 & Buffalo are still putting up a tough fight with Franky, with Baby 5 using their full arsenal of weapons. However, they are unable to counter Franky’s Shogun. However, when Baby 5 manages to pierce Franky’s armor as a sickle, the shipwright wants to end the fight for good. He presents the land version of the Gaon Cannon, the General Cannon. After this attack, the two assassins of Dress Rosa seem defeated for the time being and are hurled into the nearest mountain.

Tunnel in the Lab: The dangerous Shinokunigas is getting closer and closer to the refugees of Punk Hazard, and a cloud of gas is slowly forming in front of them as well. Nami uses her Gust Sword to open a path through the gas, allowing the pirates, marines and children to escape.

Coast: Baby 5 and Buffalo get up again. They don’t want to disappoint their captain and take Caesar with them at any cost. At that moment, Luffy and the rest come out of the tunnel system and are overjoyed to have made it. When the assassins of Dress Rosa see Law with their enemies, they are shocked that Law actually stands up to Doflamingo; especially not since the heart spot was reserved for him. Law immediately declares Buffalo and Baby 5 as enemies. Buffalo and Baby 5 take advantage of the moment of inattention, grab Caesar and try to escape with him, as they have no chance against the superior number of opponents.

Law wants to take care of the two, but Usopp and Nami want to take over. Also, the two vow not to let any opponent get away with turning their backs on them and having no will to fight. Nami uses her climate clock to summon thunderclouds that throw violent lightning bolts at the members of the Donquixote family. When the assassins are hit, Baby 5 loses consciousness. Buffalo tries to grab Caesar, but Usopp is finished with his preparations by now as well. It turns out that Usopp has integrated a plant into his Black Kabuto. This grows when given water and eats debris lying around, which serves as ammunition for Usopp. Usopp fires the debris at the enemies, which now also defeats Buffalo and drops into the sea. Caesar, meanwhile, has regained enough strength to fly himself and tries to make it to Dress Rosa under his own power. Since he believes that he is immune to Usopp’s attack as a gas man, he makes no effort to dodge. However, Usopp ends up firing the sea stone handcuffs at him. With that, Caesar falls into the sea as well, defeating all opponents and finally capturing Caesar. Law is happy to finally move on to the next phase of his plan.

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