One Piece Episode 620


Punk Hazard, Lab, a few minutes before the explosion: Momonosuke is deeply upset about his father’s condition. Brook and Nami are wondering who the dragon is when he suddenly collapses from hunger again.

Coast, Caesar’s Tanker: Caesar is about to stab the heart Law gave him, thus killing Smoker.

Secret Room: Mone wants to do her last job from Doflamingo and blow up the lab. An explosion occurs, but it comes from Building D, where Law destroyed the SAD tankers. Before Mone can hit the self-destruct button, she collapses. Caesar has pierced Smoker’s supposed heart at that exact moment.

Building R, Tunnel: Smoker is still alive and asks Law why he had his heart when Caesar was supposed to have it. With a sly smile on his face, Law explains that Caesar merely misunderstood the situation when Law handed him the heart. In order to stay on the island, Law had to hand over his heart to him and in return, he got the heart from Mone. After Smoker showed up and Law also possessed his heart and Law handed Caesar a heart, he had never said that it was Smoker’s heart. In fact, Law handed Caesar Mone’s heart again.

Dress Rosa: Doflamingo gets no more response from Mone and gets angry.

Coast, Caesar’s Tanker: Baby 5 reassembles from the remains of her rocket and believes she has defeated Franky. Buffalo hands her her weapons. However, the iron pirate Franky gets back up and attacks her again. Baby 5 retrieves her weapons and the fight continues.

Tunnels: The tunnel system is slowly but surely collapsing as well. Zoro is able to cut up some falling chunks, though by now the Shinokunigas is following them again, flowing through the cracks in the walls. Law asks if someone could create wind so they could speed up a bit and keep the gas away, to which Nami immediately responds.

Dress Rosa: A little girl who is part of Doflamingo’s gang is looking for her captain, but can’t find him. Lao G suspects that Doflamingo has gone off on his own when he hears that the windows are wide open in one of the rooms on the fourth floor.

Leaping through the air, Doflamingo is seen talking to Buffalo via Den-den Mushi, who explains that the island was not destroyed. Doflamingo is certain that Mone was unable to carry out her last order. Buffalo mentions that they also met resistance. Doflamingo orders the resistance to be destroyed and then to wait, as he has now made his own way to Punk Hazard.

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