One Piece Episode 619


Coast of Punk Hazard: Before Baby 5 and Buffalo can figure out what the big robot is all about, it shoots at them. The two Dress Rosa assassins narrowly escape the fire, with Baby 5 trying to fire back with her cannons.

Lab, Building R: Everyone – except the Straw Hat Pirates – gets into the car Smoker and Law got to quickly escape the lab. Luffy, however, is still waiting for Chopper’s group. Nami has reservations about going out, as the kids run a risk of getting caught by the gas. However, the kids want to attempt the escape.

Coast: Baby 5 thinks she’s destroyed Franky, but the giant robot didn’t get a scratch. After some silly actions by Franky, Baby 5 wants to get serious and uses her devil powers. Having eaten of the Weapon Fruit, she can transform into any weapon and immediately demonstrates this by becoming a large sword with which Buffalo attacks Franky. However, when this attack fails again, Baby 5 transforms into a large missile which Buffalo throws at Franky, causing an explosion. Caesar regains consciousness from the noise and concussions of the fight. He is still too weakened to escape and curses Luffy, Law and Smoker for ruining all his plans. At that moment, he remembers that Law gave him Smoker’s heart. He at least plans to take revenge on Smoker and wants to pierce his heart with a sharp piece of metal.

Lab: The Straw Hats are still waiting for their last crewmembers to arrive before they get in the van and leave. Usopp, meanwhile, makes his way down the hallway with Caesar’s former henchmen as well, immediately asking them about sea stone handcuffs while almost everyone carries a pair of them. As soon as they reach the lower hallway, Chopper, Brook, Mocha, and the G5 Marine medical team also reach Building R at the last second before the gate closes behind them. When Momonosuke sees that his father, but now frozen into a white statue, he is startled. Luffy is glad that they are all together again and orders them to leave, whereupon they all get in the car and drive off.

Secret Room: Mone has dragged herself into the Secret Room with the last of her strength and talks to Doflamingo via Den-den Mushi. She apologizes for her failure, whereupon Doflamingo apologizes as well, since he misjudged the situation, as Vergo and Caesar were defeated after all. Still, he cannot accept the situation and asks Mone to push the self-destruct button in the lab, which will cause a massive gas explosion. The only survivor of this explosion will be Caesar, which Doflamingo asks Mone to die for him. She accepts this because she is loyal to her captain and knows that one day he will achieve his goal of becoming king of the pirates. Mone then wants to push the button. A few minutes later, a large explosion occurs on Punk Hazard.

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