One Piece Episode 617


Building B: After Law has cut the entire lab with his attack, the dangerous gas only flows in faster. The kids are starting to get exhausted and can barely run, so Robin, Nami and Sanji try to encourage them to keep running. Zoro and Tashigi have also joined the group.

Building D: Vergo tries in vain to attack Law again, but he activates his devil powers.

Chopper has treated Mocha as best he can and is now making his way to Building R with the help of the G5 soldiers.

Building D: Law has cut Vergo into many smaller pieces and hung him from the railing of the SAD room. Vergo takes the whole thing in stride, but warns Law that he doesn’t know who he’s messing with since he doesn’t know Doflamingo’s past. Before he can talk any further, Law splits Vergo’s head in half. As the room is about to explode, Law and Smoker leave.

Building R, lower floor: Luffy wonders about the tremors in the lab. Caesar can guess that Law is responsible, and is angry at Vergo for apparently failing. Caesar then wants to talk to the upper floor.

Building R, upper floor: Usopp takes advantage of the chaotic situation and hides. Caesar’s men are ordered to open the ventilation so that Shinokuni can get inside Building R. When the men remind Caesar that there are nearly a hundred other guards downstairs besides him, the scientist loses his composure of the friendly do-gooder and declares that they are all replaceable guinea pigs in his eyes. The guards are deeply shocked by these words and refuse to believe it. Some tell themselves that Caesar only said this to confuse the enemy and open the vent as ordered.

Bottom Floor: The poison gas is pouring in. Caesar absorbs as much as he can and grows significantly. Caesar explains to Luffy that during this experiment, two countries have already shown interest in this weapon. Both countries, he says, are actually normally quite peaceful, but each country would eventually seek powerful weapons to destroy their enemies. Caesar implies that he is important to many people so he makes weapons for them, making himself a sort of king from the land of death. To demonstrate his power, Caesar attacks his own men and freezes them. Luffy asks Momonosuke to watch Brownbeard, at which point the Straw Hat captain runs out of the room. Caesar thinks he got scared of him and continues to attack his own men with the poison gas.

Upper Floor: The guards are crying pitifully over Caesar’s betrayal, until Usopp shows up and tells them to get a grip. The guards argue that Usopp should know what it’s like to have been betrayed by someone, since his captain is running away too. But Usopp knows that Luffy isn’t the type of person to just run away, which is why they should have faith in him to defeat Caesar. Caesar is the type of person Luffy hates the most.

Lower Floor: Luffy has taken a run-up for his final attack. He attacks the scientist with a Gomu Gomu no Grizzly Magnum. Caesar counters, but is still the underdog. In desperation, Caesar tries to offer Luffy to work for him, but Luffy never wants to see Caesar again and flings him away, causing him to fly away unconscious.

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