One Piece Episode 613


Building B: Sanji and the G5 marines are looking for the Straw Hats and the children. When one of the marines asks Sanji why he didn’t fight Mone, he explains that he would never attack a woman even if it meant his death. The soldiers doubt that Zoro feels the same way, but Sanji trusts his comrade.

Biscuits Room: Zoro asks Tashigi why she thinks he needs her help. She recalls their duel in Loguetown. Back then, Zoro let her live, which is why Tashigi thinks Zoro can’t fight women at full strength, seeing them as the weaker sex. The pirate doesn’t affirm this, but stays out of the fight for now. Meanwhile, Mone takes advantage of Tashigi’s inattention and attacks her.

Usopp, in his search for the sea stone handcuffs and his escape from Shinokuni, has entered a dark room where there are several frozen animals.

Kinemon and Brook have discovered a shelter for children. The samurai inquires about his son Momonosuke, but the appearance of Kinemon and Brook frightens most of the children. Only Ginko can explain what happened to Momonosuke in the Secret Room and wants to tell Kinemon what she knows.

Meanwhile, Nami, Robin, and Chopper were able to catch up a bit and stop some of the kids to inject them with a tranquilizer. However, nearly a dozen kids are still after Mocha and the dangerous candy.

Building C, Dump: After Momonosuke leaves the force, he and Luffy fall back down. Luffy is able to catch them both and climbs the rest of the shaft – with Momonosuke on his shoulders – himself.

Biscuits Room: Tashigi fights Mone, but can barely keep up with her speed. Even with Soru, the Marine captain barely escapes some attacks. When Mone changes back into her snow monster form and tries to rip out Tashigi’s shoulder, the fight seems lost. Suddenly, Mone is hit by an attack. Zoro explains that Tashigi’s time is up, so he will fight now. Mone wonders why Zoro is suddenly able to attack her, since she thought he didn’t attack women. Zoro replies to her if she had ever seen a wild animal that one could be sure would never bite. Shortly after, the swordsman lunges to strike, splitting Mone in two. Zoro then makes his way to the exit.

When Tashigi goes after him, she notices that Mone is still alive. Zoro obviously didn’t use haki, or she would be dead by now. Mone is so paralyzed by Zoro’s overwhelming force that she can’t compose herself. Tashigi didn’t know that opponents could be defeated this way as well, and wonders where the Straw Hats have been for the past few years and how strong each of them really is now. Nevertheless, when Mone tries to launch a desperation attack on Zoro, she is defeated by Tashigi. Zoro explains that he didn’t need to, as he had already defeated her, which Tashigi sees as a lie.

Secret Room: Caesar is disappointed in Mone, but hopes all his enemies finally reach Building R so he can spring his trap.

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