One Piece Episode 612


Building B, Biscuits Room: Zoro fights Mone. Meanwhile, Chopper asks Nami to help Mocha, who is being chased by the angry mob of children. Unable to stop the kids, Chopper blames himself for Mocha’s situation.

Mocha has managed to escape from the room and asks her friends, who are still chasing her, to return to normal. But they want the candy at any cost.

Flashback, about a year earlier: Sind and Mocha are just being taken on a ship to Punk Hazard. Mocha is terribly sad to be separated from her parents and is crying. Sind tries to comfort her and explains that they need to get better quickly. In the Biscuits Room, Caesar Clown welcomes the two children as his first patients. The scientist lies to them that he lost his son to the disease they both suffer from, which is why he set out to cure all children who have the same disease. Later, Mocha meets many other children. Mone takes care of the children and is always kind to them. She gives the children the sweets as a reward for their behavior.

Present: Mocha now knows that both Caesar and Mone have been lying to her all along, which is why the girl has a few tears. Still, she tries to remind her friends that they all actually wanted to go home.

Biscuits Room: Zoro tries to fight Mone, but she suddenly disappears in the snow. Just as Nami and Robin try to reach the exit, Nami is attacked by Mone, which Zoro prevents at the last moment. Zoro again declares that he is her opponent, but Mone explains that she wants to eliminate the weak first. Nami takes the chance and melts one of Mone’s wings with Heat Egg before running on. But once again, Mone disappears into the snow, this time blocking the exit and now seeking revenge on Nami. This time, she is saved by Robin. After a brief verbal altercation, Zoro cuts the snow wall blocking the exit, allowing Nami, Robin and Chopper to run after the kids. The real fight between Zoro and Mone begins.

Usopp, Brook, and Kinemon flee from a large cloud of Shinokuni. Since they are still looking for Sea Stone Handcuffs and Momonosuke, Usopp decides that they will split up and meet again in Building R. Brook accompanies Kinemon while Usopp goes off on his own.

Biscuits Room: Mone notices that Zoro has merely blocked her previous attacks and not attacked himself. Snow Woman has a hunch. At first she thought she had no chance against Zoro, but now she thinks that may have changed. At that moment, Sanji storms into Biscuit’s room with the G5 marine. Zoro explains to him where the kids and Nami and Robin ran off to. The Cook then wants to chase them with the marines to save the children. When Mone hears this, she attacks the marines. She bites out a piece of one of his shoulders. When she attacks another soldier, this is stopped by Tashigi. Tashigi orders her men to go ahead, she herself would stay here with Zoro and take care of the enemy, since Zoro probably needs her help.

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