One Piece Episode 611


Building C, Garbage Dump: Luffy has encountered the small dragon Momonosuke. Luffy is surprised when he suddenly collapses after the dragon’s stomach is heard growing loud and clear. When Luffy asks him if he is hungry, the dragon denies it, saying that no samurai would get hungry after fasting for ten days. The little dragon then begins to tell his story.

Flashback: A few days earlier, he, still a human at the time, accidentally got on a ship. The other children on the ship try to befriend him, but Momonosuke refuses every gesture. He also rejects offers of food, as samurai would not accept charity. When they reach Punk Hazard, Momonosuke distances himself further and further from the others until he manages to escape from the rooms. In his escape, he passes through the Secret Room, inside of which he finds a Devil Fruit. Driven by hunger and not knowing that it is a devil fruit, Momonosuke devours the fruit. A little girl named Ginko secretly enters the room. She tries to make friends with him and explains that they all want to go home, but they can’t right now because they are sick. Still, they could understand Momonosuke’s feelings. Suddenly, some guards come into the room. Ginko is able to hide, but Momonosuke collapses. The Devil Fruit begins to take effect and the little boy becomes a dragon, which runs past the guards. They notice the absence of Dr. Vegapunk’s artificial Devil Fruit, which was considered a failure.

Present: After hearing that Momonosuke ate from a devil fruit, Luffy asks him why he doesn’t just change back into his human form. The little dragon is amazed that he is even able to do that. His priority, however, is telling the kids the truth about Caesar. Momonosuke heard the scientist talking about the side effects of the drug. According to him, all children would die after five years at the latest. Caesar, however, was indifferent to this. Momonosuke tried to warn the children, but ended up in the garbage dump.

Luffy is furious and determined to fight Caesar. Momonosuke suddenly collapses completely from hunger. Luffy tries to wake him up, at which point the little dragon suddenly starts hallucinating Doflamingo. Momonosuke panics, creating little clouds to walk on. Thus, he and Luffy, who is holding onto him, climb up the garbage dump.

Building B: Kinemon, Usopp, and Brook, meanwhile, are looking for Kinemon’s son and some sea stone handcuffs.

Building D, SAD Production Room: Smoker and Vergo are still doggedly fighting each other, with Vergo noting that the fight is pointless since his Haki skills far outclass Smoker’s.

Biscuit Room: Robin tries to keep the angry mob of kids away from Mocha. Mone intervenes and injures Robin with two ice picks. When Mone tries to attack another time, Zoro interferes and declares that he is taking over Mone.

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