One Piece Episode 610


Biscuit Room: Mone gets in the way of the Straw Hats as well as Mocha and demands that Mocha hand over the candy. Robin, meanwhile, asks Brook and Usopp to look for sea stone handcuffs. Luffy originally asked Robin to do this, but she is too busy stopping the kids at the moment. Brook and Usopp head off, with Kinemon accompanying them because he wants to use the opportunity to find his son.

Building D, SAD production room: Smoker asks Vergo what this room is all about. However, the former Vice Admiral does not want to reveal this. When Smoker explains that he doesn’t want to tell his men the truth about Vergo, who they look up to like a father, Vergo explains that he met them earlier. Enraged, Smoker then attacks him and asks what he did to his men. A fight begins between the two. Smoker explains that he is responsible for his men and he will not let Vergo lay a hand on them.

Building B: Tashigi, Sanji, and the rest of the G5 marines arrive at the room where the dragon was previously rampaging, setting it ablaze with its flames. The marines are still impressed by Sanji’s strength, with Tashigi telling her men to stop befriending a pirate. Suddenly, one of the flames reaches a tanker, which explodes, causing a crack in the outer wall. Sanji tries to get the soldiers to safety.

Building R, second floor: Caesar is watching everything and wants to have his men lock the doors to buildings D and C, so that all intruders can only find refuge on the first floor of building R, where he then wants to finish them off with his gas.

Building C, Garbage Dump: Luffy regains consciousness after his fall. While rummaging through the trash for something edible, he encounters a strange creature that yells at Luffy to be more careful.

Building R, Secret Room: Caesar hates being in the Secret Room, as this was the former lab of his hated rival Vegapunk. All of his remaining men are there as well and ask their master what he is planning. Caesar explains that he plans to drive his enemies to the first floor of Building R and then seal off all the exits. Shortly after, he would let the Shinokuni gas in through some valves. His men suddenly wonder about the behavior and their master’s statement that he should have created the dangerous gas, as it reminds them a lot of the poison gas that raged on Punk Hazard four years ago, which Caesar says was released by Vegapunk. Caesar realizes he’s slipped up a bit and lies, quickly playing something to them so he doesn’t lose the trust of his henchmen. He explains that he actually wanted to make such a weapon, but the Navy would take notice of such weapons. With such a gas, he would surely rise to be the number one scientist in the Navy, and no longer the “abysmally evil” Vegapunk who caused the disaster on Punk Hazard back in the day. Then Caesar could also achieve his dream of world peace. His henchmen believe this story to the letter and cheer on their master.

Flashback, four years earlier on Punk Hazard: Caesar is developing the dangerous gas. His colleagues warn them that it is too dangerous and that he should think of the consequences if it explodes here. However, Caesar says that these would be necessary sacrifices and that Admiral Akainu would understand him. Last but not least, the scientist makes fun of Vegapunk’s failed attempt to create giants. Caesar explains that he advised Vegapunk several times to kidnap children who are still growing and drug them. A few months later, Caesar is about to test his new weapon when he is suddenly arrested. Vegapunk could no longer stand Caesar’s cruel and ruthless behavior. Consumed with rage, Caesar wants to prove his genius to everyone and releases his poison gas on the island.

Present: Caesar now has the gates from building B to C and D locked. The only place of refuge is building R.

Building C: Luffy asks the strange creature, which turns out to be a small dragon, who or what it is. However, the little dragon wants Luffy to tell him who he is first.

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