One Piece Episode 609


Building D: Law is about to destroy the SAD tank when suddenly Vergo appears behind him. The treacherous Vice Admiral is of the opinion that Law has allowed himself too much by his standards and must now reckon with consequences. Although it would be easy for Vergo to crush Law’s heart, he wants to kill him slowly and painfully. A fight begins between the two, in which Vergo seems to be the dominant one with his fast Haki enhanced attacks.

Building C, Caesar’s Lab: Mone again locks Luffy in a snow hut, this time made of ten thick layers. Luffy has a hard time getting out of it. Mone knows she doesn’t stand a chance against Luffy in a real fight, so she has to win in other ways. From ambush, she suddenly embraces Luffy. She explains that her ice-cold body would weaken Luffy’s body. Luffy himself would soon fall asleep and die of hypothermia. However, just before Luffy actually closes his eyes and falls asleep, he remembers Zoro’s words to pull himself together, as this is only the beginning of the New World. Motivated, Luffy activates his Haki to nullify Mones’ powers, pushing away and using the Gomu Gomu no Jet Spear to break through the ground beneath them. However, below them is a huge warehouse of waste, into which Luffy falls. According to Mone, he won’t be able to get out of it even if he could fly. With these words, Mone leaves the room.

Building B: Chopper tries to stop the kids in his monster form from getting into the Biscuit Room. However, he has to hold back so as not to hurt them. After the Rumble Ball time runs out, Chopper is powerless and has to watch the kids run to their doom. At that moment, he is picked up by Nami. The rest of the Straw Hat Pirates, as well as Kinemon, have come to the rescue. Chopper explains the situation and asks the other Mocha inside the Biscuit Room to help.

Biscuit Room: After the Straw Hats reach the room, Robin tries unsuccessfully to keep the kids at bay with her devil powers. Mocha tries to talk to her friends to get their act together, but the other kids don’t listen and demand the candy from her. Eventually, Mocha sees that reasoned argument is no longer a use and runs away. Before she can reach the exit of the room, it is sealed by a thick wall of snow. Mone appears and Mocha asks her for help. Mone mockingly says that Mocha shouldn’t be so greedy and share the sweets with the others.

In another room, a little girl tells two guards how a boy named Momonosuke had turned into a small dragon after entering the Secret Room. She had been secretly following him since they came to the island on the same ship and he hasn’t eaten since. The guards lie to her that the boy was certainly fine, but she still can’t tell anyone else about it.

Secret Room: Caesar enters this lab in disgust, but he has no choice if he wants to put his plan into action to get rid of Luffy, his crew, the G5 marines and Law.

Building D: Law hopes to use his devil powers to get his heart back. Vergo immediately takes it back after a hard kick. Mercilessly, Vergo pounds away at Law. Law still tries to counter, but his attacks have little effect on Vergo, who in turn tortures Law by slowly crushing his heart. His endeavor is suddenly interrupted when Vice Admiral Smoker enters the room. Smoker says he can’t stand the sight of scum like Vergo and calls Vergo a pirate.

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