One Piece Episode 607


Caesar’s Lab: Luffy hits Caesar without warning, who flies into the nearest wall in a high arc. Smoker, meanwhile, remembers Law’s words about not attacking Caesar while he is in possession of his heart. Smoker then sets off again to find Vergo. Meanwhile, Luffy and Caesar engage in a duel. During this, Caesar asks Luffy why he would even fight him. Luffy explains that then something interesting would happen if they caught Caesar. Caesar warns Luffy not to trust Law, as he will surely betray him. However, the Straw Hat Captain refuses to be ordered around and attacks Caesar again. Caesar again wants to remove the oxygen around him to defeat Luffy like last time. But the latter has learned from his last fight and makes a few leaps backwards to see how far Caesar can remove the air. However, the mad scientist keeps trying to approach Luffy and then attack Luffy with his Blue Sword, a sword made of a gas flame.

Passage between buildings A and B: While the gate to building B slowly closes, the gate to building A soon opens again, which could let the poison gas in. The marines therefore try to escape into Building B. Sanji, on the other hand, is still fighting Vergo, trying to teach him some manners when dealing with women.

Building B: Brownbeard and the Straw Hats are still being pursued by the dragon that is attacking them.

Building D: Some of Caesar’s guards have heard what’s happening in the other buildings and get scared that the Straw Hats and the Marines might be coming for them soon. Suddenly, Trafalgar Law approaches them. The latter defeats the guards with ease and now stands at the gates of the SAD production room.

Caesar’s Lab: Luffy struggles to keep Caesar at bay, but is able to launch a few counterattacks.

Passage between buildings A and B: The gate to building A is opened, whereupon the poison gas flows in. Sanji shouts to the marines to finally leave the room. Vergo, meanwhile, stands back up unperturbed, despite having taken one of Sanji’s strongest attacks earlier, and demands that the pirate chef not interfere. Sanji counters that he is the type of person his captain hates the most. A showdown between the two ensues once again, with both using their strongest kicks. Vergo even manages to cause some cracks in Sanji’s lower leg bone. Also, the poison gas is getting closer and closer, while Sanji’s escape route is about to close.

Caesar’s Lab: To catch Caesar, Luffy charges forward, but has his head stretched back so he can breathe. The attack hits Caesar, after which it only takes one more attack to finish him off. However, when Luffy goes to try a gum-gum jet gatling reinforced with haki, Caesar is suddenly protected by a white wall. This was an attack by Mone, who is impressed by Luffy’s power, as the wall shatters shortly after. Mone tells her “master” that this fight would be useless, which is why he should retreat. Caesar agrees with her, but tells Luffy that he already has a plan to finish off the Straw Hat Pirate and his friends. Shortly after, the gas man disappears. Luffy goes after him, but is stopped by Mone. The latter does not want to let Luffy catch Caesar, otherwise she will be killed by Doflamingo.

Suddenly, there is an emergency announcement to all buildings that Trafalgar Law has entered the SAD production room. Caesar is shocked because this brings consequences that not even Law could avert.

Passage between Building A and B: Vergo has now seen through Law’s plan, breaks off his fight with Sanji and rushes to the SAD room. Vergo understands that Law’s alliance with the Straw Hats is for defensive purposes, and that joining The Seven Warlords of the Seas should pave his way to the SAD room. Vergo suspects that Law is planning the worst possible scenario that could plunge the New World into chaos.

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