One Piece Episode 605


Lab, Building C: Caesar wonders how Luffy & Co. managed to get into the lab. Chopper, meanwhile, manages to cross the room unnoticed. The little reindeer is glad his friends are safe, though he wonders who actually gave him the message. But Chopper then refocuses on his real goal: to save and heal the children. However, he has no idea where they are.

Caesar has come to a conclusion. He thinks he knows that his enemies want to get to building R and plans to have the door of building A, where everyone is right now, and B locked and then destroy building A so that Shinokuni can get in. He orders one of his men to implement his plan, not forgetting to set up a video Den-den Mushi for the brokers. Vergo is sure the plan is doomed to fail, so he sets out for Building B himself. After all, Caesar isn’t the only one in trouble when the prisoners escape from the island.

Building A: Luffy runs to the front of the line to fight his way to Caesar. After Luffy passes the gate to Building B, an alarm goes off. Smoker and Law reach the gate next, and Smoker asks the Samurai of the Seas what that means. Law replies that the alarm warns everyone that the gate is about to close, so they’d better hurry. The Vice Admiral then goes ahead.

The G5 soldiers want to arrest the Straw Hats, since they don’t know about the current ceasefire. Tashigi is about to stop them when she suddenly hears the alarm. Meanwhile, Zoro, Brook, and Kinemon confront the marines, who don’t stand a chance against the three of them. Brownbeard carries Nami, Usopp and Sanji on his back to go into the next building with them. As they do so, he asks Sanji why they brought the dragon with them to the lab. The chef explains that they originally planned to fly away from the gas on his back, but the dragon didn’t fly a bit. According to Brownbeard, this was due to tranquilizers. Should these lose their effect, the dragon could become a problem. Meanwhile, as more marines get in the way of the pirates and Zoro tries to attack them, Tashigi jumps in and stops the attack. She lets the pirates pass and explains to her men that they don’t have time for that, because the building will be sealed soon and they have to take care of the kidnapped children. She orders her men to run and carry the wounded.

The gate slowly begins to close. Robin, meanwhile, also lands on Brownbeard’s back and tells her to do something for Luffy. Suddenly, a cannon is fired outside, destroying a wall of Building A. The poison gas then incessantly penetrates, catching a lot of the G5 soldiers. Feeling responsible for her men, Tashigi wants to stay behind until all the remaining men have made it through the gate. However, as the gate narrows, even Zoro, Brook, Kinemon, and Brownbeard barely manage to slip through. The G5 marines don’t want to let their captain sacrifice himself for them, so they grab Tashigi and throw him through the gate. Tashigi is upset and wants to go back, but the remaining G5 soldiers try to teach her that it’s already too late for that. On the other hand, all the other marines are now petrified.

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