One Piece Episode 603


Various locations in the New World: Some underworld traders have recognized Law, Luffy Smoker and Robin, who have been transported outside by Caesar via cable car. On another island, the Kid and Killer have also been watching the transmission. While the transmission is still going on, they leave the room. Killer wonders what brought Luffy and Law together. Kid, however, already suspected that Law was up to something by joining the Samurai of the Seas. Kid, however, doesn’t want to fall behind. Killer asks Kid to keep quiet right away, which Kid promises to do. However, shortly after Kid opens a door, an explosion occurs. Sitting at a table are Basil Hawkins and Scratchmen Apoo, the latter having half destroyed the room to avoid a possible trap. The Kid is in a rage and threatens him. Hawkins finds the whole thing too silly, which makes him want to leave. Killer then tries to mediate between the three captains, explaining that Hawkins and Apoo have been called in to negotiate an alliance.

Cage outside Caesar’s lab: Law wants to escape. He asks someone to start a fire at the destroyed navy ship below them. Franky offers and uses his Franky Fireball to do so, whereupon the ship catches fire and the cage disappears in the smoke. With no cameras seeing them now, Law frees himself from his chains, explaining that he had been spreading a few normal chains among the seastone chains for the past few months for just such occasions. Shortly after, Law also frees Luffy, Robin, and Franky. What to do with Smoker and Tashigi, however, he has yet to decide. First, he swaps Smoker and Tashigi back into their respective bodies. Tashigi begs Law to free her. Smoker finds this behavior demeaning, but Tashigi explains that right now they need to save their people and the children, as well as stop Vergo, even if it means asking a pirate for help. Law agrees to let Vergo lose his status in the Navy. However, he demands that they forget everything about him and his connection to Joker in exchange for freeing them. Smoker agrees. Meanwhile, Luffy jumps out of the cage. Meanwhile, Franky wants to take care of the Thousand Sunny and flies off with a Coup de Boo.

Zoro, Brook, Sanji and Kinemon are still trying to catch the dragon, but it is still far ahead of them. When Sanji touches Nami’s breasts, he is so energetic that he catches up with the dragon. However, the dragon refuses to fly off and tries to get rid of his uninvited guests. When Brook threatens to fall off the dragon, Brownbeard jumps to them and Usopp, who is sitting on Brownbeard, is able to catch Brook. As the dragon slows down, Zoro, Sanji, and Kinemon jump on Brownbeard so he can take them to the lab. The dragon then bites Brownbeard’s crocodile tail, causing Brownbeard to run twice as fast in fright.

Lab Entrance: The G5 marines are desperately pounding on the lab entrance that they should finally be let in as the poison gas is getting closer. In the end, the soldiers’ prayers are raised. Law, Luffy, Smoker, Robin and Tashigi have since made it inside, overpowered the guards and opened the gates. The steel wall is supposed to come down shortly after, but outside Brownbeard and his passengers have just reached the lab and are trying to arrive before the wall is closed. When it doesn’t, Zoro and Kinemon decide to dismantle their obstacle. This is how the rest of the Straw Hats made it into the lab.

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