One Piece Episode 602


Lab: Caesar, Mone, Vergo, and Luffy & Co. watch Smiley’s transformation into Caesar’s newest weapon of mass destruction, Shinokuni, on a screen.

Snowy Landscape: Seemingly in pain, Smiley seems to slowly lose control of his body, which slowly melts away. As his eyes disappear, an ordinary apple, which is in a bag in the dragon sled, becomes Smiley’s salamander fruit, model: axolotl. Smiley, meanwhile, completely disintegrates, his slime changing color and turning purple. The slime gradually turns into a massive cloud of poisonous gas, spreading rapidly in a matter of seconds. Zoro & Co. have their hands full trying not to come into contact with the toxic substance and flee as quickly as possible. Caesar’s men, who are outside, also run from the gas cloud, but they are caught up. More and more of them are caught by Shinokuni and petrify as a result.

Lab: Caesar is overjoyed that Shinokuni is such a success. Since there were survivors last time with the H2S gas, since they could just run away, Caesar changed the formula slightly. With Shinokuni, mere skin contact is enough for the entire body to be paralyzed. This makes escape seem impossible.

Lab entrance: The G5 marines, who have been following everything through the video Den-den Mushi, have to realize that everything happened right behind them on the island. The soldiers now realize why the lab was sealed off. Panicked, they bang on the gates of the lab, begging to be let in before they end up like Caesar’s men.

Meanwhile, Usopp and Nami have found Brownbeard and are trying to free him from the wreckage that is on him. When Brownbeard regains consciousness, he declares that he cannot die until he saves his men from Caesar. Shortly thereafter, he frees himself. As the Straw Hats in turn try to save the children, Usopp suggests that they work together. Suddenly, the three discover the great cloud of poison gas on the horizon. Brownbeard offers his new friends to climb on his back so they can run away from it.

Zoro, Sanji, Brook and Kinemon run away from Shinokuni with all their available strength, but are almost caught by Shinokuni. Luckily, they then notice Caesar’s pet dragon running a bit ahead of them. Zoro then plans to capture it so they can fly away on its back.

Lab: Luffy tries to warn his friends via the monitor, is too weakened by the sea stone chains. Caesar says that no one outside the lab will survive and transports the cage outside via a crane for the world to see that even a famous pirate, a vice admiral, and a samurai of the seas can do nothing against his invention. Chopper is at a loss as to what to do when a note suddenly hits him in the head, telling him to do nothing.

Lab Entrance: The cage is now outside the lab. Tashigi sees her men pleading with her for help as the cloud of poison gas gets closer and closer. To her surprise, however, the Straw Hats are extremely relaxed. Law doesn’t seem too worried either, and tells Luffy that they can’t screw up this time, as it’s now time for their counterattack.

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