One Piece Episode 601


Lab: The kids are back and Caesar promises them lots of candy in Biscuits Room. The kids follow his instructions and Caesar secretly tells his guards to lock the room better this time. Only Mocha stays behind because she hallucinates, which scares her. She then remembers Nami and Usopp’s words and wants to run away. But the gates have already been closed and Mocha desperately calls for help.

Snowscape: Nami manages to dig herself out of some debris. She survived the explosion thanks to Sanji’s strong body. Next, Nami digs out Usopp, who is buried under a thick layer of snow.

Lab: Caesar enters the room where Vergo and Mone are already waiting for him. When Caesar catches sight of Law, he says that their trade really paid off for him in the end.

Flashback, Law and Caesar’s first meeting: Law has agreed to give Caesar’s men new legs. In return, the pirate is allowed to stay on the island. Still, Caesar asks for reassurance, since Law is stronger than him and doesn’t want to be betrayed by him. They agree that Caesar will get Law’s heart, while the Samurai of the Seas will get Mone’s. This way, Law would not be able to betray Caesar.

Present: Caesar explains that he gave Law’s heart to Vergo, which is why Law was so helpless against him. The Vice Admiral then presents the heart and squeezes it, causing Law to cry out in pain. Caesar knew of Law’s alliance with the Straw Hat Pirates, having sent Mone off to spy. When Smoker asks where his heart is, Caesar reveals that it is in his possession. Mone reminds Caesar that it’s time for the video feed. A large monitor shows that a massive candy has been set up outside on the snowy side of the island.

A video Den-den Mushi has also been set up at the lab entrance, where the G5 Marines continue to try to penetrate. But it’s not just there that a transmission is occurring. Throughout the New World, various underworld brokers are tracking the experiment. Caesar explains that the experiment will begin as soon as Smiley has assembled. He opens up to his viewers that Smiley is the creature of the H2S gas he released on Punk Hazard four years ago, making the island uninhabitable. To Caesar’s chagrin, the people who weren’t exposed to the gas long enough merely grew weaker and quickly sought shelter from it. For this reason, Caesar improved the formula. His new gas is named Shinokuni.

Outside the lab: Sanji, Zoro, Kinemon and Brook are still running from Smiley, who has since regained his original size. Brook notices the massive candy as well as some people in front of them. These are Caesar’s men who brought the candy, as well as a Den-den Mushi there so the experiment can be started. As they try to escape in the dragon sled, it suddenly disintegrates due to a chemical reaction and the dragon runs away. The henchmen contact them Master, who mimes the horrified one in front of them. Caesar wants to use them as test objects by making them believe that their protective suits will not help them but hinder them in their escape. For this reason, Caesar’s men remove their suits and run away without questioning their master. Via video Den-den Mushi, Caesar actually wants to reminisce with Smiley a bit first, but the slime creature doesn’t listen to him and just eats the candy. Zoro notes that the creature is now acting strangely.

Lab: Chopper follows through a doorway. Caesar announces that nothing and no one can stop Smiley now.

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