One Piece Episode 597


Lake: The gigantic monster on the other side incessantly spews parts of itself across the lake. Some drops land in the lake, whereupon the fish in the water die. Zoro realizes that the slime monster in front of them is probably highly poisonous, so they should avoid touching it. Brook fears that the poison will soon hit the samurai’s body. Sanji takes off his coat and decides to retrieve the samurai’s torso beforehand, since he is the best swimmer among them. However, Sanji thinks beforehand that the others need to do something about the slime behind them. Behind them, several living little slime monsters have already gathered and surrounded the pirates. Sanji then jumps into the water after promising Nami to take care of her body.

Lab: Mone is sitting at the bar when Law enters the room. He inquires about Caesar and Mone replies that he went outside to watch the fighting. Meanwhile, Law inconspicuously places a bag on the sofa with Chopper inside. Law explains that he has seen everything on the island that interests him and would be leaving soon. However, there would be one more thing Mone could help him with, which is why she should go with him. She agrees and accompanies him.

Outside the lab: Luffy has grabbed Caesar in a moment of carelessness, shocking the scientist. As Caesar’s men are about to attack the straw hat, Franky and Robin interfere and attack them first. Franky thinks that Luffy will have an easy time of it. However, Robin objects that Haki can be used to touch and attack Logia users, yet their abilities don’t disappear like they do when they contact Sea Stone. Also, they don’t know the full extent of the gas fruit yet. Caesar, meanwhile, is furious at the Straw Hat for underestimating him so badly. Luffy tries to incapacitate him with a Haki enhanced gum-gum bell, but is caught by Caesar’s Gas Robe before he can, which envelops Luffy in poison gas. Luffy initially tries to hold his breath, then decides to suck up all the poison gas. His encounter with Magellan has made Luffy immune to the poisons, so the gas doesn’t bother him. Caesar is then furious that Luffy puts him on the same level as Magellan. A fight ensues between the two opponents, in which Luffy seems to have a clear advantage, which annoys Caesar more and more. When Caesar hits Luffy with his Gastanet attack, he orders all the Smiley parts to attach themselves to the Straw Hat. Since the slime chunks are highly explosive, another Gastanet attack from Caesar seems life threatening to the Straw Hat. After the successful attack, the Straw Hat is also gone. Caesar’s men are already cheering, who once again boasts to himself. But suddenly Luffy appears behind Caesar almost unscathed. As Luffy moves to counterattack, Caesar seems as good as defeated.

Luffy grabs the downed Caesar by the collar and asks Franky and Robin if they have a vessel to capture him. Meanwhile, Smoker and the G5 marines can’t stand by and watch a pirate grab someone like Caesar and want to put everyone under arrest. Luffy is looking forward to the upcoming fight until he suddenly collapses. Caesar rises with a devilish smile and tells the Straw Hat Captain that he shouldn’t have underestimated him. Robin and Franky go to his aid. Franky draws attention to himself, while Robin is to lead Luffy to safety. However, shortly after Robin reaches Luffy, she too collapses. Smoker doesn’t understand what’s going on. Near Caesar, Tashigi collapses next, at which point Smoker orders the rest of his men to retreat. Franky tries to attack the scientist, but Franky also loses consciousness. Smoker is the only fighter left. But before his jitte reaches Caesar, he too collapses, which pleases Caesar immensely.

Lab, corridor: Law feels an incredible pain in his chest and falls to his knees. Mone asks what’s wrong as someone approaches them. Law cringes when he sees the man’s face. Mone has to smile as Law asks the man what he is doing on the island. The man in turn says that it has been several years since they last saw each other.

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