One Piece Episode 596


Outside the lab: Luffy, Franky and Robin have shown up and announce that they want to kidnap Caesar. Smoker doesn’t want to miss the opportunity to arrest the Straw Hat, but Robin is able to stop most of the marines. Law, meanwhile, has snuck back into the lab with Chopper.

Cave of the Straw Hat Pirates: The children have woken up and demand to have their chains removed. When Sind is about to break his chains, Usopp shoots him with his sleeping star again. However, this time the effect is delayed, which worries Usopp and Nami should the children wake up again.

Lab Entrance: Tashigi tries to fight Luffy in Smoker’s body, but he has no problems with her and is amazed at how weak Smoker has become. Only when Smoker attacks him in Tashigi’s body does Luffy understand that they both switched bodies, which amuses the pirate captain greatly. Since Smoker is inferior to Luffy in his current state, the pirate captain thinks that they should postpone the fight, which only angers Smoker more. Meanwhile, Franky manages to blow open the door to the lab when all of a sudden a marine notices something in the sky coming towards them. It’s a giant slime ball that hits the ship, which was captured by some marines moments before.

Ship: The slime slowly drips down from the mast, the individual drops moving and forming small eyes. The marines try to attack the intelligent slime and wound it with their swords, but suddenly poison gas escapes from it. The slime balls fuse into a massive chunk of slime shortly after. A marine tries to push the slime off the ship, but he suddenly feels terrible pain from just touching it. Another marine then gets the idea to burn the slime with a flamethrower. Indeed, it seems to work and the slime creature seems to suffer. But suddenly there is a huge explosion that destroys the ship. Everyone on land is shocked.

Lab entrance: Chappe, Fen Bock and Smoothie are relieved that both the slime and a few marines have disappeared as a result. However, another chunk of slime suddenly lands right behind them, causing the three to immediately run away. Luffy, Robin and Franky notice more and more slime balls falling from the sky.

Lake: Sanji, Brook, Zoro, and the Samurai see the giant slime creature, which they initially mistook for a mountain, spit several slime balls into the sky on the other end of the lake. A slime ball lands on them as well.

Lab Entrance: Smoker and the Marine are about to retreat when they hear someone laughing maliciously. It’s Caesar, apologizing to his pet Smiley for keeping him locked up for three years and hoping he’ll have his fun now. When Luffy asks who he is, the scientist introduces himself as Master Caesar Clown. Shortly after, he explains that his creature has a weakness to water, which is why it split into small pieces to reassemble at the other end of the lake. As Caesar brags about Smiley and his scientific knowledge, Luffy takes the opportunity to grab the scientist, much to his amazement.

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