One Piece Episode 595


Mountains: Zoro, Brook and Sanji, who is in Nami’s body, have woken up and are on their way again to look for the samurai. The three of them wonder what even happened, as both Zoro and Brook have a bump. The only thing they can remember is that they thought they saw the yetis.

Flashback, one hour earlier: Brook finds some large footprints and believes they are from a yeti. They decide to follow the footprints. These lead them straight to a precipice. Behind them shortly after appear the Yeti Cool Brothers, who without warning shoot at them with their KYP gas. The gas puts the three into a state of drunkenness until they fall asleep. A second shot from the assassins cuts off the rock the Straw Hats are standing on from the rest of the mountain, allowing the three to fall onto the ice stalagmites below them. Sanji and Brook have already fallen asleep from the gas, but Zoro manages to cut the ice stalagmites with a sword slash before nodding off as well. The Yeti Cool Brothers think they’ve accomplished their mission and simply report that they should pick up the bodies of the three. As Caesar’s men go to collect the supposed bodies, Sanji wakes up. He finishes them off and then wakes up the still sleeping Zoro and Brook with a blow to the head.

Present: The three are near the lake by now. They find the samurai in the freezing snow, but he is frozen. The pirates free him, and Sanji inquires as to why he hasn’t used his abilities to procure warmer clothing. On the one hand, his pride as a samurai forbids it, on the other hand, his torso seems to be in the water. As a Devil Fruit user, the samurai’s powers are weakened once he is in seawater. Sanji then agrees to fish the torso out of the water. The samurai doesn’t understand why pirates would help a stranger so much. Sanji explains that he would be in charge of him, so he will help him until he is complete again. Shortly after, some of Brownbeard’s men run past them, telling them of a massive monster by the lake. A supposed mountain appears on the horizon, with it being Smiley.

Caesar’s Lab: Caesar explains to Mone that Smiley is the H2S poison gas that killed all the fauna and flora of Punk Hazard four years ago. When Caesar returned to the island a year later, he had not disposed of the poison gas, but compressed it to create Smiley.

Cave of the Straw Hat Pirates: Nami does not want to give Caesar back the children under any circumstances. Luffy now wants to go with Franky and Robin so they can kidnap Caesar.

Bay outside the lab: Some of the G5 marines have managed to steal Caesar’s ship and set sail. Smoker, Tashigi and some other soldiers stay behind to continue to engage the attackers, with Tashigi having some trouble with Smoker’s devil powers. Smoker orders his men to break down the door to the lab so they can get to the mastermind behind it all.

Back of the Lab: Law and Chopper manage to sneak to the lab unnoticed thanks to Law’s devil powers. Law suspects that Caesar and Mone are in the lab right now, which he will try to lure out so Chopper can search for an antidote for the drug undetected. Chopper asks Law why he doesn’t use his powers to kidnap Caesar himself, to which the Samurai of the Seas explains that he has a problem and can’t attack Caesar, so he has to rely on the Straw Hats for help. Suddenly, they both hear something approaching the lab. This is Luffy, Franky, and Robin, who have catapulted themselves to the lab with a gum-gum balloon. Loudly, Luffy demands Caesar show himself so he can defeat and kidnap him.

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