One Piece Episode 594


Mountains: Law has proposed an alliance to Luffy to overthrow one of the Four Emperors. However, Luffy wants to know which emperor it is first. After Law tells him the name, Luffy goes along with the alliance.

Cave of the Straw Hat Pirates: Chopper and Usopp are unsettled about the alliance and upset about Luffy’s rash decision. Chopper, however, is distracted when he notices his body battered by Franky. Robin agrees with Luffy’s decision, but points out to him that many alliances involve betrayal. When Law explains that he has no plans to betray them, Luffy is pleased. In the end, Luffy convinces his friends to join the alliance, though Law is somewhat surprised by his new allies’ lack of concern. Nevertheless, he helps Franky and Chopper return to their old bodies, with Nami now having to remain in Sanji’s body since her body is not present.

Law sees the children and remembers Caesar’s words. In his opinion, the children are a burden, so Luffy should forget about them. However, Luffy and Chopper want to help the children. Law mentions that Caesar is not the first to do giant research. He says that the World Government has tried to make giants out of normal humans before, time and time again, to increase their military power. However, Nami has also already decided not to leave the island until the children are safe. Luffy understands his comrades and wants to help them. He wants Law to support them as well. Usopp enlightens Law that he may have a different definition of a pirate alliance. To Luffy, this kind of alliance is more about friendship and thus not just business. Law is shocked, but assures his help. He wants to return to the lab to search for a cure for the drugs with Chopper.

Burning Side of the Island, Warehouse: Caesar’s four centaurs have opened the doors of the warehouse. The centaurs are curious to know what is inside. However, all they can make out is a huge red mass. As one of the centaurs approaches the mass, he collapses. The other centaurs are terrified.

Straw Hat Pirates Cave: Since Chopper is immobilized, Law ties him to his sword. Before he goes, he warns the Straw Hats about Caesar. The latter is a merciless scientist as well as criminal with a bounty of 300 million berries, who has eaten of the Logia Devil Fruit, the Gas Fruit. Therefore, only those who are proficient in Haki should approach him. Luffy explains that this would be Zoro, Sanji, and Law himself, in addition to himself. Law explains that kidnapping Caesar to overthrow one of the emperors would be an important step in his plan. What exactly Law wants to do with Caesar he defers at this point, yet Luffy agrees.

Lab Entrance: The G5 Marines are fighting Caesar’s men. Tashigi recognizes some former prisoners of Punk Hazard among them. Smoker doesn’t understand why it was said that no one survived the disaster of four years ago.

Caesar is currently in his lab. He ignores the calls of his subordinates from the burning side of the island, who want to ask for help. On the burning side, only two of the four centaurs are left. These flee in horror from an intelligent, red, slimy mass. Eventually they are caught by the slime’s toxic gases until they are engulfed by it. This is Caesar’s pet Smiley, a rare slimy creature. Caesar is certain that with him by his side, the fate of the invaders is sealed.

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