One Piece Episode 593


Cave of the Straw Hats: Chopper explains the situation to Luffy. He asks Luffy to make sure the kids don’t return to Brownbeard’s master, since he now knows what kind of person he is. Luffy then wants to rescue Nami, who is in Franky’s body, since she was kidnapped by the Yeti Cool Brothers. Franky wants to accompany Luffy, but asks Chopper for a Rumble Ball first. Chopper agrees, but urges that the Rumble Ball only be used as a last resort, as he might lose control of himself. Franky ignores this warning and throws in the Rumble Ball. He then finds himself in Monster Point and rages uncontrollably. He chases Luffy and tries to attack him again and again.

Lab: Caesar is looking forward to examining Franky’s body in order to remove and use his laser system for his own purposes. He inquires about the marines who tried to steal their ship.

Bay in front of the lab: The marines are desperately fighting Caesar’s henchmen. The situation is unfavorable for the marines when Caesar’s men get reinforcements. But at that moment, the rest of the G5 marines appear, with Smoker and Tashigi at the forefront.

Lab: Caesar learns that the situation has changed in favor of the Navy. He gets an idea and wants to test something that the marines are just in time for. Caesar orders his men to contact the centaurs that are just outside.

Mountains: The Yeti Cool Brothers Rock and Scotch have intentionally left a trail in the snow with their footprints so that Luffy will walk into a trap. As Luffy follows the footprints, he and Franky fall down a cliff with many giant ice stalagmites at the bottom. Luffy is able to smash the ice stalagmites. Rock realizes that Luffy is stronger than expected, whereupon a fight with him ensues.

Burning Side of the Island: The centaurs, contacted by Caesar, make their way to a large warehouse. When they open it, they hear strange noises coming from inside the warehouse.

Mountains: Luffy has trouble hitting the two snow giants because they are moving too fast, so he can only dodge their attacks. When Rock fires at Luffy, Luffy hurls the bullet back at Rock. Scotch seeks revenge for this attack and shoots the tip of an iceberg, which falls on Luffy and Franky. Rock, meanwhile, gets back up and goes to knock them unconscious with a gas cartridge. Franky is able to intercept the iceberg tip beforehand and hurl it at Rock, who is then defeated. To immobilize Franky, who is still flailing wildly, Luffy knocks him out with a gum-gum elephant gun. Scotch, meanwhile, escapes with Nami.

When Scotch has already gained a considerable lead and is able to flee to the top of a mountain, he encounters Trafalgar Law. The latter attacks Scotch without any warning and cuts him in half with his devilish powers. As Scotch goes in for a counter attack, he is defeated with Counter Shock. Luffy joins them shortly after and thanks Law for saving Nami. Law knows that Luffy only landed on the island by accident, however, there is something here that could throw the entire New World off balance. He goes on to explain that there are only two ways to survive in the New World. Either join one of the Four Emperors and work under them, or stand against them. Law suspects that Luffy, like him, does not want to serve under anyone else. For this reason, Law proposes an alliance between their pirate gangs to Luffy, as Law has a plan to defeat one of the Four Emperors.

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