One Piece Episode 592


Except for Nami and Chopper, the Straw Hats set out to find the “Master”.

Meanwhile, the Yeti Cool Brothers report via Den-den Mushi that they have already finished off Zoro, Brook and Sanji (who is in Nami’s body). Caesar is very happy about this news, while Mone is a bit surprised. She would have thought the gang would be stronger, from everything she’s heard. Mone asks Law what he thinks about it, since he’s had contact with the gang twice before. Caesar, who had no idea about this, points a gun at Law and insinuates that he called the gang to the island. Law denies it, saying that the appearance of the Straw Hat Pirates caused the conflict with the Navy, which he actually wanted to get rid of. He reminds Caesar that it’s bad for him too if anyone finds out he’s staying here. Caesar then recalls his first meeting with Law.

Flashback, one year earlier: Caesar receives news that one of the Seven Samurai has landed on the island and wants to speak to him. A short time later, the two sit down together. Law wants to stay on the island and freely look around some labs. He suspects, since this used to be a World Government lab, that he will find clues as to what the World Government’s plans are. In return, he offers his services. Law promises not to interfere in Caesar’s affairs if he in turn tells no one, not even “Joker”, that he is on the island. Caesar is surprised at Law’s knowledge, but agrees to the terms. Mone asks him to do something for the former prisoners, who are paralyzed.

Present: Caesar lowers his pistol. He knows that Law won’t just throw away his status as a samurai that he has painstakingly built up. Law inquires why Caesar thinks the children will come back to him on their own. Caesar cheerfully explains what it is about his candy that he always gives to the kids. Law calls him disgusting and explains that he reminds him of someone. Law then leaves the room, but explains that if you want him to kill someone, you should call him.

Meanwhile, Luffy, Usopp, Franky and Robin have come across the huge footprints of the Yeti Cool Brothers. These lead in the direction they just came from. Shortly after, they hear explosions from there, so they run back.

Straw Hat Pirates Cave: The cave is attacked several times. Chopper can’t see anyone from the roof. The Yeti Cool Brothers attack the cave from a great distance and move very fast. Brownbeard knows that the Yeti Cool Brothers have come. Nami demands an explanation from him. Brownbeard explains that they are two giant assassins (Rock and Scotch) whose faces are never seen and are known for their silence. Brownbeard is certain that they have come for him and to finish off the Straw Hats. A moment later, a massive rifle is pointed at him. Scotch, despite his size, has snuck up unnoticed and declares that Brownbeard is also on their hit list. Brownbeard believes it’s a hoax at first, but Scotch plays back Caesar’s order via Den-den Mushi. Caesar humiliates Brownbeard in the process, which hurts him greatly. Desperate, Brownbeard calls out to him, but Scotch is annoyed by Brownbeard and then fires at him several times. Luffy reaches the cave and tries to attack the giants, but they are too fast and dodge, and Luffy lands in the snow. Meanwhile, the Yeti Cool Brothers manage to kidnap Nami and escape. It turns out that Caesar ordered them to take Franky’s body because it contains Vegapunk’s technology, but they get to kill the rest.

Lab, front entrance: Smoker, Tashigi and some marines are just arriving at the lab. They hear sounds of fighting and see from a distance how their men, who they sent to capture Caesar’s ship earlier, have been ambushed. Smoker runs off with his men to help the others.

Back Entrance: Some of Caesar’s men notice Law leaving the lab. They notify him that there is a fight with the Navy at the front entrance. Law, however, is not interested and finishes off the guards with his devil powers. He says that he is free to go where he wants.

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