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The IGO has organized an international food tournament. The winner of the tournament will be rewarded with a particularly delicious and legendary meat. After the gong rings, the tournament begins, which is actually a race, whereupon all tournament participants start running. But shortly after, a huge hole appears in the ground from which a gigantic ant lion rises. Most of the tournament participants are pulled into its hole, except for three groups. The first group consists of Toriko and his friends: Komatsu, Rin, and Sunny. The second group are the Straw Hat Pirates: Luffy, Nami, Zoro, Sanji, Chopper, Franky, and Brook. Both Luffy and Toriko are very eager to win the meat. Suddenly, however, they hear that someone is in front of them. It is Son-Goku. The third group now emerges. This one consists of Son-Gohan, Trunks, Son-Goten and C18.

The first to reach the arena on the island wins the race. Commentators are the referee of the Budokai tournaments and Mansam. The big guest of honor at the tournament is Mr. Satan, who introduces himself as the strongest in the universe. Kuririn, meanwhile, learns that the prize meat is supposed to come from a cow that always ate the best and tastiest, which also made her own meat so delicate. The meat could be sold for a lot of money.

Meanwhile, the participants have arrived at a crossroads. One path leads over the mountains, one through a desert and one through a forest. Even though it’s the most dangerous route, Son-Goku, Toriko, and Luffy take the mountain path since it’s also the shortest. Son-Gohan, Komatsu, and Sanji chose the forest path, with Sanji realizing that he accidentally got separated from Rin and Nami. Suddenly, a large monkey, a Manpukuhihi (catch level 45) gets in their way. However, they quickly satisfy it with a meal and it lets the group pass.

Desert: Muten-Roshi and Brook try to get sympathy from Nami and Rin so they can approach them, but fail. Franky tries to talk to C18, but she’s just annoyed by the others and keeps running. A little further ahead are Sunny, Son-Goten, Trunks, and Chopper. To improve their chances, Trunks and Son-Goten merge. Chopper is excited and wants to merge with Sunny as well, which the latter refuses in horror.

Mountains: Luffy’s gum-gum powers come in handy when climbing. Son-Goku is way ahead of him and Toriko, though. Once at the top, Son-Goku doesn’t have far to go, but then receives a telepathic message from Master Kaio warning him of a dangerous creature from outer space. Luffy and Toriko, who are just reaching the top, wonder who Son-Goku is talking to. Son-Goku then travels to Master Kaio with momentary teleportation, which is only stranger to Luffy and Toriko.

Forest: Reporter Tina is waiting at the edge of the forest for the first people to come out of the forest. The first is Zoro, who is actually lost. But he hears a voice coming from Zebra, who is looking for trouble. Another voice sounds, complaining that no one told him about this race. It is Vegeta, who lands right in front of the two. The three of them begin to fight each other. Upon the impact of their attacks, the video feed to the arena is interrupted.

Arena: Toriko and Luffy arrive at the arena at the same time as Son-Goku returns from Master Kaio’s mission. A head-to-head match ensues, which eventually ends in a draw. Mansam decides that there will be a deciding match. The arena is shaken as a massive fighting ring rises. During the shaking, Satan-san accidentally falls into the fighting ring as well, which is misconstrued as a fight invitation on his part. The rest of Toriko’s friends, Son-Goku and Luffy have also arrived by now and are cheering on their comrades. Except for Satan-san, who tries to stay out of everything, everyone does their best. The final clash of their attacks creates such powerful shockwaves that they all fly out of the ring. Only Mr. Satan sits on a small part of the ring and is declared the tournament winner. However, he is willing to share the meat with Son-Goku, Luffy and Toriko and their friends.

A little later, Son-Goku, Luffy, Toriko, and their friends and family sit in a restaurant awaiting the legendary meat. After Toriko’s grace, the feast begins. Everyone enjoys it and has fun. Mansam stands a little apart, at which point Robin, Coco, and Piccolo take the opportunity to ask him what he organized this tournament for. Piccolo feels that the real purpose of the tournament was to gather strong fighters. Mansam agrees with them, as they would need the help of the strongest fighters to defeat Something Called Akami. Coco cringes when he hears the name. Shortly after, a spherical little red fish comes flying out of a wave towards the restaurant. Toriko and Setsuno immediately recognize him as Akami. A legendary fish whose stomach seems virtually infinite in size and eats anything it comes across. At first glance, he seems harmless, until this one suddenly gets fangs and wraps Usopp and Satan-san with his tentacles. Son-Gohan tries to help them, but gets wrapped up as well. Akami absorbs her powers and grows massively shortly after. Son-Goku, Luffy, and Toriko attack the monster, but it is faster and escapes. Setsuno explains that Son-Gohan and the other two have been greatly weakened by Akami’s poison and desperately need an antidote made from Akami’s body in the next 30 minutes. Toriko, Luffy & Son-Goku team up and go after Akami, their friends want to join them.

Forest: Sanji and Sunny’s search is unsuccessful. However, just as they are about to argue, they are attacked by Akami. The two receive assistance from Piccolo, but are caught by the tentacles. Meanwhile, Coco is searching for the beast along with Brook, Son-Goten, and Trunks. Brook is suddenly pinned down by a tentacle. The monstrosity has evolved from the energy of its recent victims and is now called Chuutoru. A side effect is now wings. Coco tries to free Brook, but gets caught in the process herself. The children fuse and become the Super Saiyajin. At this moment, Franky appears in his Franky Shogun. The power-sucking tentacles don’t stand a chance against his general. However, when Franky gets out of the General to shoot a Radical Beam, he gets caught by a tentacle. Gotenks tries his Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack to no avail, but also falls victim to the monster.

Toriko is still searching for the beast, but then quickly finds it. He is amazed at how big the beast, now named Bigtoro, has become. Luffy and Son-Goku come to Toriko’s aid. Toriko explains that this is the beast’s final evolutionary stage. While it is now 100 times stronger, it is supposedly just as delicious. One by one, they manage to weaken the beast, ultimately hurling it into a rocky steppe. But when they try to take their prey, they are sneakily knocked away by the monster. The monster has evolved again and learned all of the attacks of the three. While Son-Goku keeps the beast busy, Toriko explains to Luffy that they must use an attack so large and so powerful that the monster cannot possibly absorb it. Son-Goku overheard the plan and asks Luffy and Toriko to trade places with him so he can gather energy for a Genkidama. However, the energy for the Genkidama is siphoned off by the monster, at which point Son-Goku asks everyone on the island to lend him energy. When it is complete, Son-Goku hurls the Genkidama at the beast, which tries to absorb it. To prevent this, Luffy and Toriko attack the beast from both sides, while Son-Goku fires a Kame-Hame-Ha as a triple Super Saiyan. The beast is finished off and the exhausted heroes decide to organize a feast once again. A small victory celebration is then held that evening. While there, it is noticed that Zoro, Zebra, and Vegeta are still absent. As it turns out, the three are still fighting.

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