One Piece Episode 588


Lab Entrance: Tashigi wants to rush to the aid of the defeated Smoker, but is stopped by her soldiers until Law’s room is gone. Meanwhile, Brownbeard also reaches the lab entrance with Luffy and his friends on his back. Luffy recognizes Law from a distance and is happy to see him, as he still wanted to thank him. Luffy explains to the others that Law saved his life after the battle on Marine Ford by taking care of his injuries. Luffy jumps off Brownbeard, greets Law, and thanks him, noticing that Law is not accompanied by his crew. Law, however, doesn’t want thanks, saying that he and Luffy are rivals after all. Meanwhile, Usopp notices Smoker lying in the snow. Tashigi and the G5 soldiers join him. Tashigi is startled to find Smoker motionless with a hole in his chest, and in desperation attacks Law. Law uses his devil powers again and swaps the souls of Tashigi and Smoker, whereupon Tashigi’s body collapses unconscious. As the remaining soldiers close in, Usopp warns Luffy. The latter wants to ask Law something else, but he beats him to it and advises Luffy to go around the lab to meet the rest of his friends. Saying that they would meet again soon, as they both have something they want, Law leaves the scene and goes back inside the lab. Luffy jumps back on Brownbeard, who as a former pirate also wants nothing to do with the Navy.

Behind the Lab: Nami’s group can barely stand up to the cold when the Samurai Head offers his help. Using a strange fruit, by all appearances a devil fruit, he makes warm clothing for the Straw Hats and the children. As he reports, he can dress himself or others in any manner or form he imagines, as long as the person in question has an object on his head. When the clothing is discarded, it returns to its original form. Franky asks why he hasn’t used this ability before. The samurai head just didn’t want Nami to cover her bikini. Shortly after, Luffy and the others appear, but are somewhat puzzled by their friends’ behavior.

In a destroyed, empty laboratory, the Straw Hats seek shelter from the cold and want to analyze the situation. Meanwhile, the samurai is glad to finally be reunited with his legs, while Luffy is depressed that he had to give up his hind legs. Meanwhile, Nami’s group explains who is in what body. The samurai describes that he was merely looking for his son on Punk Hazard, attacking every opponent of this endeavor. The giant children confirm that there would be more children. However, new arrivals would not immediately come to the Biscuits Room. Further, the samurai reports that Law cut him into three pieces during his quest. His head was captured, his body was left, and his legs ran away from a beast. In the process, Luffy learns from Robin that Law has joined The Seven Warlords of the Seas. Brook, in turn, mentions that he encountered part of the samurai.

Cave: In a cave, the marines have sought shelter from the cold. Tashigi and Smoker have also exchanged bodies. Smoker explains that he saw the initials “CC”. This makes him realize who is up to mischief here on the island: Caesar Clown, a former colleague of Vegapunk.

Lab: Law has returned to Caesar, who now changes from his gaseous form to a solid one.

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