One Piece Episode 584


Punk Hazard, snowy side, coast: Smoker and his men are looking for a way through the icebergs to go ashore. While doing so, Smoker notices a strange current. He orders an iceberg to be blown away, whereupon a river is revealed to them. Smoker suspects that the iceberg did not form naturally and someone is trying to keep them away.

Lake in the middle: The Centaur boss is Brownbeard, who wants to take care of Luffy and his friends. He believes that Zoro is the samurai who attacked his comrades. Usopp tries in vain to clear up the misunderstanding. Brownbeard orders the boat to be sunk and the Straw Hats are attacked.

Meanwhile, Nami and Chopper run through the corridors of Vegapunk’s huge laboratory facility to rescue the children. Meanwhile, Sanji and Franky take care of the guards in Biscuits Room. When they try to release their poison gas, Sanji kicks their gas masks away. He is surprised to find that his opponents are half human and half animal. The samurai head suddenly begins to moan strangely. He feels like his torso is about to go up against a worthy opponent.

Snowy side, coast: Brook fights against the body of the samurai. He tries to communicate with it, but the bare torso cannot answer the skeleton. The upper body continues to attack and manages to parry and counter every attack from Brook. As he switches to the two sword style, Brook retreats.

Lab facility, “Master’s” room: One of the guards tells her master that the navy ship managed to get to the coast despite poison gas and icebergs. The Master is not too pleased about this and orders everyone to hide, since no one is allowed on the island after all. When asked who should take care of Smoker, a person at the door volunteers.

Coast: Smoker and his crew go ashore. He takes off his gas mask, as there was only poison gas on the edge of the island to keep out intruders. When he sees the building, he recognizes it as Dr. Vegapunk’s former lab. The G5 marines wonder if anyone really lives on the island. Smoker wants to find out and presses the lab’s doorbell. This works, which means that someone is powering the lab. After some ringing, the soldiers get tired of waiting and are about to blast the door open with cannons when suddenly it does open. But to the soldiers’ shock, standing at the door is one of The Seven Warlords of the Seas: Trafalgar Law. The soldiers immediately ask Smoker in a panic if they can’t go back to the ship, as they don’t want to mess with him. Law, in order to become a Samurai of the Seas, delivered the hearts of 100 pirates to Marine HQ after the battle on Marine Ford. Law jokingly inquires what Smoker is doing of him here at his cottage. Smoker, however, is in no mood for jokes and asks Law what he is doing here. After all, he says, everyone, whether navy, pirates, or allies of the world government, is forbidden to enter the island.

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