One Piece Episode 583


Biscuits Room: Sanji & Co. are amazed by the gigantic children. At first they think they’re on an island for giants, but when they also catch sight of normal-sized kids, the theory falls flat. In turn, the girl Mocha wonders who the pirates are and where they came from, while the boy Sind and many other boys spot Franky and are totally enthralled by him. The girls, on the other hand, are taken with the cute Chopper. Nami wants to ask the kids some questions, since there don’t seem to be any adults around, but they’re too busy with Franky and Chopper. The samurai head then starts talking, as he wants to know if the kids know his son Momonosuke. However, the kids get scared when they see the talking head and run away. Nami & Co. then hear the guards approaching them and would rather get out of here. With that, Mocha and Sind decide to follow them. When the guards reach the room, they, initially, want to shoot at the pirates, but are the kids in their way.

Punk Hazard, Lake in the Middle: Usopp wonders how they’re going to cross the lake to get to the other side. Since none of the others have any really good or serious suggestions, Usopp ultimately decides to use a few of his handy plants from the Boin Archipelago. This enables him to create a banana boat as well as large reed plants that can be used as oars. With the help of this object, they can cross the lake. However, they are attacked by the cheetah centaur from the shore. When he can’t reach them, he blows his horn to let his comrades know, or rather his boss on the other side. Usopp & Co. assume that Boss means the boss from the distress signal they heard. Meanwhile, the centaur boss on the other side sees Zoro and assumes that he must be the samurai who attacked their friends.

Biscuits Room: Sind, Mocha and two other children catch up with the pirates and ask if they are from outside the island and if they have a ship. When Franky confirms this, the kids ask her for help. They want the pirates to take them, since they certainly wouldn’t be sick for much longer. Sanji says they don’t have time for that and wants to keep running. The kids still run after them for a while, asking for their help, since even though they’ve never been outside, they suspect that there is nothing and no one outside to help them. Mocha then starts crying and asks Nami to at least come back later and save them so they can finally go back to their parents. Nami then stops and wants to save the kids. When Sanji asks why, Nami explains that she can’t turn her back on a crying child. When the guards don’t care that the children are in the line of fire and want to attack, they are in turn attacked by Chopper, Franky and Sanji. Sanji agrees to take care of the guards with Franky, while Nami and Chopper run off with the kids.

Snowy side, coast: Brook has left the Thousand Sunny and builds some snowmen to shorten the waiting time. But suddenly the snowmen are destroyed, one by one. As Brook fends off the attack on him, he discovers that the attacker is merely an upper body, without a head, but armed with a katana.

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