One Piece Episode 582


Punk Hazard, Snowy Side, Cell: Nami & Co. have a conversation with the talking head, who is very puzzled by Nami’s rude behavior as well as their clothing. However, when Nami asks him if he doesn’t like her clothes, he has to admit that he actually likes the revealing, which gets him a beating from Sanji. It turns out that the talking head is quite unworldly and such things as bikinis do not exist in his country. When asked by the head, the straw hats reveal themselves to be pirates. The head then explains that he hates pirates and wants nothing to do with them, even though he initially thought about escaping from Ice Island with them. When Nami hears this, she perks up. Because this confirms her theory that the island is divided into a burning side and a snowy side.

Afterwards, Franky shoots a hole in the cell with his Franky Radical Beam so they can all escape. Even though the head refuses their help, Sanji wants to take him with him. But before that, he puts his head and skullcap in their proper place and explains to the others that the head is the samurai mentioned in the distress call. He has the typical hairstyle of a samurai from Wano. Sanji therefore wants to know why he attacked the people on the island. The samurai explains that his son was kidnapped and he came to the island to save him. In doing so, he would attack anyone who stood in his way. When the guards show up, the Straw Hats flee along with the samurai’s head. They run straight into Biscuits Room, where they encounter a group of giant children.

Burning Side, Ruins: Luffy has befriended the strange centaur and is racing him. Meanwhile, Usopp learns what happened from Brook via Den-den Mushi. The latter was able to defend the Sunny from the alien invaders, but defeated them before he could inquire who they even were. Robin instructs him to look around for a building where their companions were taken. Brook is able to confirm this and is told to wait there until the others arrive. Meanwhile, the centaur has learned from his colleague that Luffy is one of the island’s invaders, whereupon he attacks Luffy. After Luffy defeats him, however, Luffy is attacked by another strange creature with the torso of a human and the abdomen of a giraffe. Robin takes care of this one, however, and incapacitates it. As they investigate the two, they find a Den-den Mushi with the letters “CC” on it and surmise that it must belong to an organization. Luffy is told the current location of their missing friends. The captain decides to go to the cold side of the island to rescue them.

Snowy Side, Cell: The guards and their master in his gas form examine the destroyed cell. The master wonders about the destroyed door, which looks like it was destroyed by a Pacifista. Another guard arrives to report that a G-5 naval ship has arrived at the northwest coast. The Master orders poison gas to be released there, but not to kill anyone so as not to attract unnecessary attention.

Northwest Coast, Navy Ship: Tashigi orders all the men to put on gas masks after some fall over. None of the men believe anyone is on the island, as it was contaminated with a poison gas cloud four years ago, due to a Vegapunk experiment gone wrong. But Smoker counters that it is this poison gas cloud that makes the island suspicious. He explains that two years ago, there was no poison gas because Akainu and Aokiji had their battle for the position of Grand Admiral on this island. Because of this incredible battle of the elements, the island’s weather had changed forever.

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