One Piece Episode 580


Punk Hazard: Luffy, Zoro, Robin and Usopp have come across a giant dragon in the burning ruins. Luffy is completely enthralled and even hears it speak. The monster, in turn, sees the Straw Hats as his next meal and attacks. At first, the Straw Hats doubt whether there really is a dragon in front of them. All doubts seem to be removed when the dragon suddenly begins to spit fire.

Luffy then wants to fight the beast, but his attacks have little effect, so Zoro gives him a hand. He also hears a voice during the fight. Together, the two manage to knock the dragon back a little, whereupon it rises into the air. Once again a voice can be heard that seems to come from the dragon, asking the Straw Hats if they would belong to The Seven Warlords of the Seas.

Thousand Sunny: Nami wonders about the strange weather, as it looks like it’s snowing on the other side of the island. While everyone is struggling with the heat, none of them notice that strange passengers have gotten on the ship and are releasing a sleeping gas. One straw hat after another then falls into a deep sleep.

Punk Hazard: Zoro asks Luffy to let him have the dragon, which continues to attack them from the air. Luffy agrees, but wants to take it out of the air first and catapults himself in its direction. However, Luffy ends up landing on the dragon, but thus discovers the origin of the voice they heard. Luffy finds a human abdomen with two wriggling legs, which is where the voice came from. Luffy suspects that a person is somehow stuck and informs his comrades. But before Luffy can help the person, he is once again disturbed by the dragon, who tries to grab Luffy. However, Luffy manages to make sure that the dragon accidentally bites its own wing, after which it doesn’t fall off. Zoro, with Usopp’s help, comes leaping towards the dragon and decapitates it with Shi Shishi Sonson. Luffy immediately plans to eat the remains.

Thousand Sunny: Sanji comes out of the kitchen to bring Nami a small dessert. He notices his sleeping crewmates and becomes suspicious when he notices the prevalent gas mist on the ship. However, he has already inhaled too much of the gas and doesn’t make it to the Den-den Mushi in time to inform his friends. The masked intruders then appear. They think that the pirates will probably not be missed and want to take them to their master.

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