One Piece Episode 579


The Straw Hat Pirates reaches an island with a volcano, which Luffy finds exciting. However, the island is surrounded by flames, which is why they cannot reach the shore. Also, none of the log port pins point to the island, which worries Nami. Suddenly, the pirates hear wailing and crying from inside the Sunny. The Den-den Mushi is making wailing noises. Robin warns Luffy not to answer the call because about 50% of the time, it’s a trap set by the Navy to track down pirates. But the pirate captain answers anyway, introducing himself by full name. The stranger on the other end of the line explains that he’s very cold and his friends are being attacked one by one by a samurai. The man explains that they are on Punk Hazard and asks for help. Shortly after, he is heard being the victim of an attack himself and lets out a cry of pain. The call is ended after that and Luffy thinks it smells like trouble. Brook and Zoro, at the cue of samurai, remember Ryuma, who is from Wano Country, the samurai’s homeland. Luffy has already decided to help the man and enter the island.

Raijin: Off the island of Raijin, Vice Admiral Smoker is waiting for the Straw Hats with a ship, as he was expecting them there. However, he is listening to the radio conversation between Luffy and the unknown man and then wants to leave for Punk Hazard. Tashigi finds it strange that someone should be there, since no one was supposed to be living there after the incident four years ago. Smoker agrees with her, which is all the more reason why they should go check it out.

Thousand Sunny: Luffy wants to go to the island with the Mini-Merry. A draw is made to see which of his crew will accompany him. Afterwards, it is decided that Robin, Zoro and Usopp will come along, which doesn’t make Usopp very happy. With the help of Nami’s Milky Road, they cross the Sea of Flames.

Punk Hazard: On the island, the four Straw Hats stand in front of a closed gate with a sign, confirming that they are on Punk Hazard. However, signs from the World Government and the Navy indicate that they are not allowed to enter. Nevertheless, Zoro cuts the gate to allow the pirates to pass through. However, it’s even hotter on the other side, as much of it is on fire. As they march through the burning area, they discover several abandoned buildings, some of which have been destroyed. Zoro and Robin wonder if the area was abandoned and deemed dangerous after the fire broke out. Luffy, meanwhile, calls out to the man from the Den-den Mushi and the samurai, while Usopp wonders why the man at the Den-den Mushi would have claimed that it was cold when there is an unbearable heat on the island.

Thousand Sunny: Nami notices clouds over the back of the island that are more indicative of an Arctic climate.

Punk Hazard: Meanwhile, Luffy and his crew have found the skeletonized skull of a giant. Robin thinks it might even be a little bigger. Suddenly, they hear a grumble. When they turn around, they discover a giant dragon.


  • Luffy and Zoro wonder about the dragon and even doubt that they really exist. According to the anime’s storyline, however, the Straw Hats have already encountered dragons on Warship.
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