One Piece Episode 578

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Panz Fry is about to start cooking for the Straw Hat Pirates when they are attacked by torpedo-like projectiles. Zoro, Sanji and Panz Fry are able to deflect some projectiles, which turn out to be small manned submarines that are suicidally trying to take the Straw Hats down with them. Shortly after, Shuzo’s submarine shows up. The latter explains that he found the gang with the help of a Vivre Card. Shuzo and the Neo Marine will not rest until they have cleared the New World of pirates. Panz Fry attacks him, but is knocked back. Lily doesn’t stand a chance either, until Luffy interferes and rams Shuzo into a rock.

A fight ensues between Luffy and Shuzo, who has mastered some Rokushiki techniques. Luffy manages to hit him with a gum-gum gun reinforced with Haki, but Shuzo’s Haki is apparently stronger. Suddenly, Luffy is hit by a cannonball. The bullet was also reinforced with Haki and came from Shuzo’s pet Alpacacino, which is a bazooka that has the powers of a Devil Fruit. Shuzo, in turn, attacks Luffy with his variant of the finger gun, Shigan Five, and seems to have defeated him with it. Panz Fry goes to help Luffy, but is hit by another cannonball from Alpacacino and goes down unconscious.

Thousand Sunny: Lily asks Usopp to shoot her into Shuzo’s mouth so she can grow from the inside out and burst him. Usopp goes along with it, but Shuzo overhears the plan and uses Luffy as a shield at the last moment, causing Lily to fly into his mouth. Shuzo’s next move is to use his bazooka to sink the Sunny. However, in the next moment, Luffy gets back up. Lily grows into Luffy to her normal size, making him a giant through his rubber body. Shuzo is not impressed by this, as giants are usually slow. Luffy then goes into Gear 2 and finishes the fight with a Gomu Gomu no Giant Jet Lance.

Afterwards Lily jumps out of Luffy’s mouth. They both want to get to the food, but it was ruined by the fight. Nami suggests just finding new food and a volcano for Panz Fry to cook on. Meanwhile, Shuzo and his surviving troops have been tied to a rock and Franky has built Panz Fry a new raft.

In the evening, Momonga finds Shuzo and his men. He explains that just like Shuzo, he had attached a Vivre Card to Panz Fry, which must have come loose during the fight. This, he says, is a technique they had both once learned from their teacher. Momonga decides that Shuzo and his men will come to the Impel Down, to which the latter says that they should be killed right away since they won’t tell him anything. However, Momonga refuses to do so. The fate of Shuzo will be decided by the law, as this is the way of the Navy.

A few days later, the Straw Hat Pirates has been able to find some new food. After they have also found a good volcano, Panz Fry can demonstrate some of his cooking skills to them. After a little celebration, the Straw Hat Pirates and their new friends part ways. They promise to meet again sometime.

On the Neo Marine’s main ship, Ain shows Z the latest newspaper reporting Shuzo’s imprisonment. Ain apologizes for Shuzo’s failure, but Z says that it’s not necessary since Shuzo surely won’t reveal anything, no matter how severe the torture gets. Shortly after, they receive a radio message that they’ve reached an island. Z wants to start his plan to destroy all pirates.

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