One Piece Episode 577

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Raft of Panz Fry: The Navy and the Neo Navy fight each other to the utmost. Meanwhile, Luffy fights Shuzo and Zoro fights Momonga. Sanji protects Panz Fry from the Neo Marine’s attacks, getting help from Robin. Usopp asks Nami what they should do, who is already thinking hard. As Nami looks at the weather, she notices that it is about to change drastically again and warns her friends about a Thrust-Up Stream, it is similar to the Knock-Up Stream, but not quite as strong.

Thousand Sunny: The Thousand Sunny shoots its anchor paws at Panz Fry’s raft. Nami informs Sanji of the current situation via Den-den Mushi. They plan to leave with a coup de burst. Shortly after, several thrust-up streams shoot up. Nami wants Franky to pull in the raft, but it’s too big for that. Nami then plans to take advantage of a thrust-up stream. Just as another whirlpool is about to shoot out of the sea, Nami orders Franky to pull the raft from Panz Fry at least onto it. The raft is thus flung into the air, whereupon the Sunny is able to pull it away with the Coup de Burst. Shuzo and Momonga fall off in the process. Momonga and his men are able to save themselves on the remains of his ship. However, Shuzo cannot let them live, as they now know about him and the Neo Marine. A brief exchange of blows ensues.

Neo Marine Submarine: A little later, Shuzo is back in his submarine, thinking about his fight with Ain, where the position of Z’s right hand was at stake. Ain won the fight then by using her devil powers and Shuzo’s carelessness, which is why Shuzo only became the commander of the submarine forces. Back in the present, Shuzo decides to prove to Z once and for all that he is more worthy than Ain.

Thousand Sunny: Meanwhile, the Straw Hat Pirates ship has made it to safety and is anchored off a small group of rocks. Chopper has treated Lily’s father and says that he’s all right for the most part, but needs rest. Luffy would love to taste his heavenly food right now. Sanji then angrily explains that Lily’s father needs rest and that they don’t have any food right now anyway. However, Lily managed to steal some from the naval ships earlier when they were destroyed by the whirlpools. Panz Fry then stands up and declares that he would be honored if he could make Luffy, his savior, some food.

Neo Marine Submarine: Shuzo has since found the Straw Hat Pirates with the help of a Vivre Card he pinned to their ship during their escape. However, he no longer has any torpedoes to fire. As a result, his troops in the smaller submarines offer themselves to him as torpedoes, intending to launch kamikaze attacks. Shuzo accepts his men’s offer and thanks them for their sacrifice, whereupon he orders the attack.

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