One Piece Episode 576

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Maubeugemour Sea: The four navy ships dragging Panz Fry on a raft have appeared. Robin wonders why four warships are being used at once, taking the route through such a dangerous sea to transport a single pirate, even if he is a giant. To avoid one of Luffy’s ill-advised plans, Nami wants to take the lead on this operation. She schedules all the Devil Fruit users of the Straw Hat Pirates for the Mini-Merry, which should attract attention. Meanwhile, Sanji, Zoro, Usopp and Lily are to use the submarine to free their father. Franky stays on the Sunny to prepare the Coup de Burst, which they will then use to escape. Nami wants to watch the whole thing with her Waver. Shortly after, Nami notices Luffy’s absence on the Mini-Merry. Robin explains that he thought the submarine’s mission was more fun, so he got on there at the last minute. On the submarine, Usopp asks Lily if she and her father are also from Elbaf like Brogy and Dorry. Lily confirms this, but is surprised that Usopp knows the names of the legendary pirate captains her father was friends with.

Raft of Panz Fry: Vice Admiral Momonga is in charge of the giant’s transfer, thinking about how they caught him on a World Government ship. Momonga wants to know why Panz Fry was so foolish as to attack the ship in the first place. The latter answers him that the crew had taken the last of the food from the inhabitants of an island for a banquet for nobles of the World Government. Panz Fry could not stand by and only wanted to give the inhabitants back what was rightfully theirs, though he also blames the navy for the islanders’ situation. The island was once under Whitebeard’s protection. With his death, chaos spread throughout the New World. Momonga blames the pirates and demands the utmost attention from his men, saying that with Panz Fry, they are a possible target for other pirates.

Meanwhile, the Straw Hat Pirates is in position for their plan. Brook ghosts around the navy ships as a soul to spread panic, while Robin defeats some soldiers with her arms. Zoro and Sanji then spring into action, freeing Panz Fry from his chains that bind his raft to the navy ships. Luffy also makes an appearance and is attacked by Momonga, who is however stopped by Zoro. Lily, on the other hand, wants to go to her father, but he is suddenly shot at – just like the navy ships. Momonga suspects that they are the ones who have been responsible for pirate attacks lately and are now even attacking the navy.

The attacks come from Shuzo and his alpaca, which can shoot cannonballs. Shuzo himself then jumps from the deck of his submarine to the raft to give it the coup de grace. He is stopped by Luffy, who falls into the water in the process. Momonga recognizes Shuzo and wonders why he is behind the attacks. Shuzo declares that he will execute Panz Fry here and now, which Momonga cannot allow, however Shuzo’s subs have already surrounded them. Momonga asks Shuzo about his motives. The latter has resigned from the Navy to join the Neo Marine, whose mission is to destroy all pirates in the name of Z, not just lock them away.

Lily wants to take revenge on Shuzo for her father and attacks him, but he cleverly dodges. When he tries to counterattack, Sanji interferes. After hearing that both Sanji and Lily are pirates, Shuzo wants them all killed as well and gives the order to fire. Momonga deflects the bullets because he can’t let Shuzo act as he pleases, though he doesn’t necessarily want to help the pirates either. Luffy, meanwhile, has been taken back to the raft by Zoro, and says that all the talk of the navy and pirates doesn’t interest him at the moment. All he wants is Panz Fry’s food. Shuzo gets ready to fight after learning of Luffy’s bounty.

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