One Piece Episode 575

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New World: Ain and Bins lead a host of ships. Ain thinks that the great age of piracy will finally come to an end.

Meanwhile, the Thousand Sunny is surrounded by naval ships. However, when Luffy attacks the first ship, it disappears. As a result, all the other ships disappear as well. Nami explains that this is a weather phenomenon. The weather immediately improved, so it seemed to be just a mirage. But the next moment, huge raindrops suddenly appear above them. Nami then explains that they are in the Maubeugemour Sea, also known as the “overcool sea”. After some escapades with the sea, Franky shoots the ship out of harm’s way with a coup de bust. Some time later, they seem to be in somewhat calmer waters. Luffy, Usopp, and Chopper have gotten hungry and demand food from Sanji. In the kitchen, Sanji prepares the food, which, however, disappears without a trace. Suddenly, Chopper hears a voice and the soup Sanji cooked earlier has been eaten. The friends notice a small figure, which they initially think is a bug. More and more food disappears, which Luffy cannot tolerate and tries to catch the bug.

After a short chase, Luffy recognizes the thief on his nose. It is a tiny woman, who even knocks Franky down as she flees. When she is surrounded by the crew, she suddenly turns into a giantess. Luffy then manages to throw her into the sea. Since she seems to have eaten from a devil fruit, she slowly sinks. Sanji jumps in after her and sees the giantess begin to shrink again. Some time later, she wakes up back on the Thousand Sunny. Luffy is amazed by her ability, to which the little woman explains that she is actually a giantess who ate from the Mini Mini Fruit. She can shrink or grow to her original size; however, she retains her powers as a giantess. She introduces herself as Lily Enstomach, also known as “Lily the Glutton.” Nami wants to know how Lily actually got on the ship. The latter explains that she was waiting for her father in a bottle at sea when the gang’s ship came out from under her. Suddenly, she panics. Franky inquires as to who her father is. Lily calms down and introduces her father as pirate chef Panz Fry, who is famous for his volcano cooking. Robin tells her that he also steals food supplies from other pirate gangs or naval ships and likes to cook for people who are almost starving.

Originally, she was usually by his side while they were on pirate adventures. But then he suddenly disappeared for a few weeks. She read in a newspaper of his arrest and transfer to Impel Down, as there is a bounty of 320 million berries on his head. Unfortunately, on her journey, her ship broke down, so she had to take refuge in a bottle. Previously, she heard that the navy ship housing her father was going to pass through the Maubeugemour Sea, which is why she waited for the ship there. Lily asks the Straw Hats if they could give her a new bottle because of this, so she could continue to wait for her father at sea. However, Luffy and the others want to help her, which moves her greatly.

In a Neo Marine submarine, the senior commander Shuzo receives a radio message from Ain. The latter asks why he is not already with them. The latter explains that he wants to prevent in his own way that the pirate Panz Fry is allowed to live on in the Impel Down by sinking the navy ship. After all, he says, it is the job of the Neo Marine to wipe out all pirates in the New World. He wants to prove to Z, by going it alone, that he deserves to be his right-hand man more than Ain. The latter then asks if Shuzo knows what will happen to him if he fails. He confirms this, hangs up, and orders his men to get ready and show up.

Thousand Sunny: The weather has changed again and it suddenly becomes foggy. The gang assumes it will be harder to look for a ship now, when they do spot ships on the horizon with a giant attached to a cross in the middle.

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