One Piece Episode 573


Mermaid Café: Camie asks Madame Shyarly if she can take the day off to see Luffy & Co. off. Shortly after, the other mermaids also want to see the Straw Hats off, and ask Madame Shyarly to do the same thing. She agrees, whereupon everyone, except Camie, swims right off. Camie has noticed that Shyarly’s crystal ball is broken on the floor. Madame Shyarly explains that she did it because she didn’t want to see another horrible future. In her last vision, Luffy destroyed Fish-Man Island. Camie can clearly see her boss’s worries. So far, her visions have always been right. That last thing she saw might not arrive for a few days or a year, either way there was no proof it wouldn’t happen. Camie still wants to explain to Madame Shyarly that Luffy & Co. would never do such a thing. But before Camie can finish her sentence, Madame Shyarly says she knows what Camie is trying to say and that the Straw Hat can be trusted.

Coast: Some fish people give the Straw Hats some more supplies to take with them. Meanwhile, Shirahoshi is crying again because she doesn’t want Luffy & Co. to leave yet. Sanji and Brook would also like to stay, which Zoro would agree to, at which point Sanji and Zoro once again get into an argument. The minister to the right would like to warn the Straw Hats about the Tamatebako they sent Big Mom, but Neptune advises against it, since Chopper and Usopp would be depressed enough as it is. Neptune just hopes that since the explosives have been in the old box, in a damp lock, for ten years, they won’t work.

Meanwhile, Nami has received a new log port from the minister to the left. It has three needles, all pointing in a different direction. The Minister to the Left explains that from now on the log port would only need half a day to recharge. Furthermore, the log port would now always receive signals from up to three islands, hence the three needles. Nami, as navigator, would therefore have to decide which of the three needles to follow. In doing so, the Minister further explains that the needle that moves the most usually points to an island that is very dangerous. Nami, Usopp and Chopper don’t even want to hear about it, but unfortunately for them, Luffy has already overheard, looks at the needles and wants them to go to the island where the needle is moving like crazy.

Franky explains that Den has explained everything to him about surfacing so far, which is why they can sail off. Hatchan calls out to them that unfortunately he can’t lead them again, as he promised to help build the factory. Fukaboshi and his brothers also thank Luffy again, who is on the lookout for Jinbe. He just shows up and nods to Luffy, who says they can leave now. The ship sets off and all the inhabitants of the island call out to the Straw Hat Pirates how much they will miss them. However, Shirahoshi swims after the ship and stops it. She promises Luffy that the next time they see each other, she won’t be a crybaby anymore. Then Shirahoshi would like Luffy to accompany her on another spar, this time to a forest on the surface. Luffy, Nami, Brook, Chopper, Robin, and Sanji promise, with the help of a finger oath, to take her to the surface one day. Overjoyed, Shirahoshi then lets the ship move on.

Coast: Neptune tells his sons to never forget the kindness of the Straw Hats. Meanwhile, Jinbe overhears a conversation between a father and his son. The son would like to have a straw hat to be like Luffy. However, the father says that he can’t because they are only sold on the surface where people live. Unfortunately, when the son still doesn’t understand what the problem is, the father doesn’t know how to explain it. Jinbe then comes to both of them and promises to get some straw hats.

Thousand Sunny: Franky tosses out a couple of wooden buoys attached to the Sunny by rope to help them surface. Meanwhile, Luffy is all excited, as he will soon be in the same sea as Shanks.

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