One Piece Episode 572


Palace: The minister on the right serves tea to the straw hats. Usopp wonders where Franky actually is, to which Nami explains that he went to learn how to sail the coated ship back up, to the surface of the water, as this is supposed to be a bit more difficult. Meanwhile, the minister on the right is handed a list of the stolen treasures. As he goes through it, however, he realizes something with great shock.

Near the candy factory: Caribou is just coming to and plans to take revenge on Luffy by using the treasures he stole to buy at least a hundred pirate ships to sink the Straw Hat Pirates’s ship in the New World. However, he then notices that all the treasures from inside his ship are gone, whereupon he sets out to find them.

Palace: Neptune chats with Jinbe and asks how his pirate gang is actually doing, since Jinbe accepted that the Sun Pirates joined Big Mom. While Jinbe doesn’t like the Empress much, she does give them enough freedom to do what they want. Besides, she says the best thing to do in the New World is to befriend one of the Four Emperors. However, Neptune believes Jinbe teamed up with Big Mom to protect Fish-Man Island. Since the island was defenseless after Whitebeard’s death, Jinbe used his connections with Big Mom to get her to protect the island. Jinbe denies this and says it was just a coincidence, plus he wants to break up with Big Mom soon anyway. Neptune asks if Jinbe would accept Luffy’s offer, which Luffy confirms. However, Jinbe worries about the consequences involved, as Big Mom might direct her anger toward Fish Man Island because of Jinbe. Neptune says that Jinbe need not worry about that. If it happens, it happens and Neptune still has a plan. After all, they got at least 70,000 new members for Neptune’s army today, in the form of the fish people. Therefore, Jinbe shouldn’t worry and if they lost Big Mom’s protection and flag, it wouldn’t matter because Neptune was going to replace the flag with a new one anyway, the one of the Straw Hat Pirates.

Suddenly, the minister on the right comes rushing in and declares that Neptune must reclaim the Tamatebako from the treasures he gave to the Straw Hat Pirates. Neptune is outraged to hear such a thing and asks for an explanation. Immediately, the minister on the right explains that since Hody Jones stole the E.S. pills, they had rigged the Tamatebako with an explosive mechanism. As soon as someone tried to open the box, it would explode. Neptune now understands the concern and agrees that they’d better get the box back before Luffy opens it. The two then receive word that Luffy & Co. have returned.

Shocked, Neptune, the minister on the right, and Nami learn that Luffy gave all the treasures to Big Mom. Luffy explains that he gave her treasures so she wouldn’t destroy the island because of the missed candy delivery, and that he declared he would defeat her. Jinbe is stunned and must now part ways with Big Mom as soon as possible, further advising the Straw Hat Pirates not to anger Big Mom any further. Meanwhile, Neptune and the minister on the right are worried about the Tamatebako. If Big Mom opens it and it explodes, she will be able to take this as a declaration of war from Luffy. Nami, meanwhile, gives Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji a couple of strong whacks with her climactic baton for really giving away all the treasures.

Candy Factory: Caribou wants the treasures back so he can give them, as well as the secret of the Mermaid Princess, to a certain person in order to rise in his favor. He finds Pekoms and Tamago, who have just decided to spend some of the treasure on some treats for Big Mom, when they notice Caribou. Pekoms checks his records to see who Caribou is as he demands the treasure and attacks them. Caribou fires a machine gun at Pekoms, but when the smoke clears, it is revealed that Pekoms is a Devil Fruit user and has a turtle shell that he had retreated into. Since Pekoms appears to be a Zoan-type, Caribou goes to decapitate him with a scythe, but Pekoms dodges and knocks him out, commenting that Logia users who believe they are invincible would often die young.

Near the Redline in the New World: Several pirate ships emerge from the water one after the other. Some naval ships are already expecting them, but would not have expected such numbers. When the naval unit G-5 ship is fired upon, the captain of the ship manages to deflect the cannonball with a sword move. The captain is none other than Tashigi, who has many admirers on the ship. Also present is her superior, Smoker, who has since been promoted to Vice Admiral. The latter is interrogating some pirates and has learned that for the past month the deep sea pirate Hody Jones has been enslaving human pirates, all of whom have now been freed. The pirates, however, refuse to reveal the names of their heroes until another pirate explains that they’d better, since the G-5 unit is known for its cruelty to pirates as well as for not always following the rules of the world government. The pirates then agree to talk, telling them that it was the Straw Hats who saved them. Smoker could already guess this.

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