One Piece Episode 571


Palace: The other Straw Hats learn that they will be given the island’s treasures if they find Caribou. Chopper asks Usopp why he doesn’t go look for him too. Usopp says he’d rather leave it to Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji, since he found out Caribou has a bounty of 200 million.

Fishmen Island: The three have found Caribou, who is still unconscious. Scattered in front of him are all the treasures he had stolen. Luffy, Zoro and Sanji collect the loot and make their way back.

Destroyed Candy Factory: The Minister to the left is talking to Pekoms, a fellow Big Mom, about the overdue candy shipment. The Minister tries to explain that they can’t produce candy right now due to Hody Jones’ attack, but Pekoms won’t hear of it. He threatens the minister with Big Mom’s wrath. Coincidentally, Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji come by. Luffy loudly thanks them for the candy from the banquet. Pekoms gets angry. Tamago, Pekoms’ partner, interferes. The latter calmly demands an explanation from Luffy. Luffy describes that he ate a lot of candy and wanted more. However, the factory is damaged, so Tamago wants to give the people a reprieve until tomorrow. But the minister asks for at least two weeks. Luffy wants to know what is going on. Tamago introduces himself and Pekoms as fellow Big Mom, who made a deal with the island. In exchange for ten tons of candy a month to Big Mom, the island will be protected by them and allowed to fly their flag. However, if the island fails to deliver, the deal is off and the island is destroyed by Big Mom’s pirates. This enrages Luffy.

Pure Cake Island: Big Mom is already eagerly awaiting the delivery of sweets from Fish Man Island. A few other people from her crew would also like some. The Empress says they are welcome to wait for it in her stomach. Shortly after, she eats her own men. Bobbin, another crew member, reports that he just burned down an entire country because they couldn’t make their delivery. Big Mom is pleased with this, though the land made excellent baked goods, however she hates nothing more than people who can’t deliver on their promise. Bobbin then tells her that she probably won’t get any sweets from Fish-Man Island either. Big Mom angrily demands a Den-den Mushi.

Fish-Man Island: Pekoms’ and Tamago’s Den-den Mushi rings. Both suspect Big Mom, but neither dares to answer the call. Luffy then grabs the phone. After Luffy introduces himself, Big Mom recognizes him as Garp’s grandson and asks what he is doing there. Luffy then claims that there is no candy since he ate them all. Big Mom knows this is a lie so she won’t attack Fish-Man Island. However, Luffy offers his newly acquired treasure in exchange for the candy. Tamago then reaches for the Den-den Mushi and says they should make the deal, since a few weeks ago the Kid sank two of their ships, so they need money. Normally the Empress wouldn’t get involved in such a deal, but Luffy has piqued her interest, so she agrees. She shifts her target of attack from Fish-Man Island to Luffy and his crew. Luffy agrees, as he now has an unfinished business with her as well. Since it is too dangerous for the island to remain under Big Mom’s protection, Luffy wants to defeat her and make the island his territory.

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