One Piece Episode 569


Gyoncorde Square: The human slaves are released and rush off overjoyed to finally sail to the New World. The remaining low ranking members of the New Fishmen pirate gang have also been released and are allowed to live on the main island. Neptune promises to give them work, however it would be controlled by the royal army. Afterwards, Neptune inquires about Luffy. However, he has already “escaped”.

Thousand Sunny: Using a bubble, the Straw Hat Pirates ship floats over the island. Shirahoshi floats alongside the ship. Luffy is currently arguing with Jinbe, as he refused his offer to join the gang. Jinbe explains that he still has some duties he needs to do first. Only after that would he accept the offer. At that moment, a member of Neptune’s army arrives, carrying a Den-den Mushi. Neptune comes forward and wants to talk to Luffy. The latter explains that he doesn’t want to be a hero. Neptune is at least able to persuade him to attend the banquet for them. Luffy just wants to pick up Hatchan and Camie beforehand.

Fishmen’s Island: Meanwhile, the Fishmen’s District is sealed off and Hody Jones, the officers of the New Fishmen Pirates, and Vander Decken IX are imprisoned. Since Wadatsumi is too big for a cell, he is carried off the island by Surume and banished from it forever. Otherwise, preparations are made throughout the island for the banquet for the Straw Hat Pirates.

Ryuuguu Palace: The Straw Hat Pirates is taken to a large hall. In the hall is the entire Neptune army, the ministers to the right and left, and Neptune himself with his family. On a stage appears the great singer Maria Napole, who gives a performance with a jazz orchestra. Usopp, Nami, and Brook are blown away by the singer. Sanji, on the other hand, is thrilled and can hardly be contained when the dancers from the Mermaid Café perform. Among them are the formerly kidnapped mermaids, who seem to be doing well again, which pleases Camie.

Balcony of the Palace: Robin has asked Neptune to come with her to the balcony for a moment. She asks him who Joy Boy is, because she read the poneglyph on Fish Man Island and asks who Joy Boy is apologizing to and for what. Neptune explains that Joy Boy was someone from the surface who lived about 800 years ago. The message on the poneglyph was to a mermaid princess who lived here at the time. He apologized for not being able to keep his promise to the island. What exactly that was about, Neptune doesn’t know, but legend has it that someone will come one day to fulfill the promise on Joy Boy’s behalf. For this reason, they always looked to the Noah as they promised him. Then one day the true purpose of the Noah would be revealed. Robin heard that the ship was pulled by sea kings and asks if Joy Boy could sometimes control sea kings. Neptune denies this and explains that only the Mermaid Princess of old, as well as Shirahoshi today, can. However, Shirahoshi’s ability has only fully awakened today, which he is far from happy about. Robin can understand why. Two years ago, she read about an Ancient Weapon on Sky Island that was said to be hidden on Fish Man Island. Robin now knows what the name of the legendary mermaid princess from back then probably was, and which one will probably soon be given to Shirahoshi: Poseidon.

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