One Piece Episode 567


Gyoncorde Square: The officers of the New Fishmen Pirates and Hody are defeated, which is cause for celebration. However, the Noah, which is incessantly approaching, becomes visible again. The lower-ranking members of the New Fishmen Pirates want to seize the moment to escape, as they are no longer being held back by their officers. The minister to the left learns that evacuating the island at this point would now be impossible. But Luffy still doesn’t give up and tries to destroy the Noah. He ceaselessly pounds the Noah with his Gomu Gomu no Elephant Gatling and seems to actually be able to damage it.

Fishmen’s Island: Some debris from the Noah can already be seen, but the ship itself is still intact and getting closer. While many people flee, however, some remain standing. One of the fish people, who has decided not to run, is reminded by Luffy’s words of what Whitebeard said 20 years ago.

Flashback: At the beginning of the great age of piracy, Whitebeard appeared on the island. While many human pirates were kidnapping fish people and mermaids, Whitebeard sided with the fish people because he and Neptune were old friends. Whitebeard stated that because of this, he would not allow anyone to do harm in his friend’s land.

Present: More and more fish people refuse to flee and cheer Luffy on with everything they have. Of course, Luffy’s crew is also cheering for their captain, though Zoro thinks they should prepare for the worst anyway.

Noah: Luffy’s wounds inflicted by Hody begin to open and he loses more and more blood. Shirahoshi is worried, but Luffy orders her to stay away so he can stop the ship. Luffy attacks the ship incessantly. But suddenly he hears a voice asking him to stop. Shirahoshi then swims towards Luffy, stands right in front of him and asks him to stop as well. Luffy hairs on to continue, but Shirahoshi explains that the ship has already stopped falling. When Luffy stops and looks around, he spots several sea kings holding the ship by the anchor chains. Shirahoshi notices Luffy’s tremendous blood loss. Luffy doesn’t think this is so bad, as long as everyone was safe. Shortly after, Luffy loses consciousness and falls down onto the ship. Meanwhile, Shirahoshi hears the voices of the Sea Kings. These explain that Shirahoshi summoned them to stop the ship. They concede that Luffy probably would have made it too, but the ship would have been destroyed. The Sea Kings explain to the princess that Luffy’s strong will and determination awakened her inner abilities, enabling her to summon Sea Kings and speak to them.

On the island it is again announced that the Noah has been stopped, whereupon the joy is naturally great.

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