One Piece Episode 566


Noah: Luffy tries to attack Hody with a gum-gum jet gun, but Hody is now so fast from taking E.S. pills again that he can dodge even Luffy’s jet attacks. Even the attacks that do hit seem to matter little to Hody.

Gyoncorde Square: Chopper explains to Usopp that he has learned to control his monster form and can fight in it for three minutes. Usopp is thrilled, but he is interrupted by Daruma. The long-nose can’t stand for this and wants to show him a very special performance. Meanwhile, Ikaros Much takes off his helmet and presents his ultimate spear in the shape of his hair, which is said to cut through anything. Franky jumps out of his robot and declares that he also has an ultimate weapon ready. Meanwhile, Zoro continues to distance himself from Hyouzou, as he no longer sees him as a serious opponent, and calls him a frog. Hyouzou secretly takes a few swords lying around and soaks them with his poison.

Noah: Hody attacks Luffy with “Marusame”. Luffy is hit by the attack, but counters with the Gomu Gomu no Elephant Gun, which he also uses to smash Hody into Noah. Shortly after, Luffy attacks again, this time with the Gomu Gomu no Elephant Gatling, not only to defeat Hody for good, but also to destroy the Noah.

Gyoncorde Square: Zeo twirls his chains around, creating a circle around him. Should Brook enter this circle, his bones would shatter. The skeleton suddenly stands behind him and explains that he was already in the circle and would have defeated Zeo. It is only a short time later that Zeo feels the effects of the Glancing Song: Blizzard Cut and is on the ground. Meanwhile, Daruma tries to attack Usopp while jumping, but is then attacked himself by human plants created from Usopp’s attack Green Star: Human Drake, attacking him. These pull Daruma onto a trampoline-like plant, causing Daruma to be flung into the sky. Last but not least, Usopp presents his final technique Green Star: Impact Wolf. Meanwhile, Dosun tries to attack Chopper, but in his monster form, Chopper manages to destroy the hammer and defeat Dosun with just one attack. Franky in turn finishes off Ikaros Much with his new attack Franky Radical Beam, creating and shooting a laser beam.

Wadatsumi now wants to roll over everything. But as he rushes towards Jinbe, he hits him in the air with Buraikan. Wadatsumi can no longer hold his breath. Due to the huge air blast he flies further into the air. There, Sanji is already waiting for him, who knocks him back down with a fiery kick called Hell Memories, where he remembers his personal hell Momoiro. Meanwhile, Hyouzou has launched his sneak attack on Zoro. Zoro defeats him with Rengoku Oni Giri. At the same time, Luffy has managed to knock Hody out of Noah, who is now floating around unconscious. The battle seems to be won.

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