One Piece Episode 565


Gyoncorde Square: Brook has lost sight of Zeo as he has turned invisible again. However, when Zeo calls out his attack name, Brook is able to quickly track him down and hit him with his sword. Of course, Zeo doesn’t acknowledge this and again claims that this was just part of a technique of his. Zeo then turns invisible again and tries to ambush Brook again. This time he uses a weighted iron chain, separating Brook’s head from his body. While Zeo is celebrating his victory, Brook activates his Dead Realm Fruit, the powers of which he has finally grasped over the past two years. His head and body reassemble and Brook explains that neither organs nor muscles are keeping him in this world, but his soul alone. As long as his bones are still intact, nothing can harm him. Next, Brook presents Zeo with his sword, which has been sharpened by the Longarm Tribe: Soul Solid. Brook explains that the blade would have the cold wind of the Underworld in it, allowing it to freeze anything, which he demonstrates by cutting Zeo. However, Usopp’s enthusiasm causes Brook to lose sight of his opponent once again.

Usopp apparently fires several times at Daruma, but doesn’t hit him once, which the fish-man mocks. But smiling, Usopp explains that Daruma wasn’t his target at all and he just wanted to finish his trap.

Outside Fish Man Island: Due to taking E.S. pills again, Hody Jones doesn’t even mind a gum-gum jet bazooka. Just as the Noah passes them by, Hody comments that Luffy can’t protect anyone. Luffy takes another swing and, thinking of Ace, declares that he won’t let anyone else die. Hody comes charging at Luffy at full speed, threatening to bite his arm off. Meanwhile, Luffy uses his new attack enhanced by Haki: Gomu Gomu no Red Hawk. The fish-man is flung away with all his might until he reaches Noah, who is by now surrounded by a new bubble of air. Somewhat overzealously, the air tank control room declares that Luffy has defeated Hody. Luffy knows it’s not over yet. Shirahoshi takes him to the Noah.

Gyoncorde Square: The fish people from Hody’s gang cannot believe the defeat of their captain. Completely demoralized, most of them realize that their end is imminent when the Noah comes crashing down on them, so they want to flee instead of continuing to fight. Zeo stops them by attacking his own men to stop them from fleeing. The fish people try to explain that they now need to get to safety. Zeo explains that their deaths are also a form of revenge. He demands a martyrdom from them so that future generations would take revenge on humans for them. The other officers also agree. The civilians on the walls of Gyoncorde Square overhear this. The children ask the adults if humans are really so terrible. Madame Shyarly says they should see everything for themselves. Right now, after all, there would be people both below and above them fighting the pirates who have tried to take the land.

Zeo wants to personally send to their deaths anyone who refuses to continue fighting. Brook then interferes and protects the fish people. The skeleton is angry at the way Zeo talked about death earlier, as if he knew what it like to die. Also, Brook hates nothing more than people who devalue the lives of others. Zeo doesn’t care about that, though, but wonders why Brook and his people haven’t made a run for it yet. Brook explains that he and the others trust Luffy, and he has promised to protect the island. But they can’t put all the burden on him, so Brook now wants to do his part by defeating Zeo.

Wadatsumi has grown to gigantic proportions. Sanji asks Jinbe if he is ready, which he confirms. Meanwhile, Hyouzou wonders what to do now that Zoro has broken all his swords. Zoro turns away from him. Hyouzou smiles insidiously and lets poison drip from his tentacles. Meanwhile, both Franky and Usopp announce to their opponents that they will soon have defeated them with their new technique. Suddenly, Usopp notices Chopper in his massive monster form. Usopp wonders what made Chopper take this risk. Chopper begins to laugh, showing that he has learned to control this form.

Noah: Luffy has reached the Noah’s protective bubble and sees Hody pull out a handful of E.S. pills, which he instantly devours. Once again, Hody’s power seems to increase.

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