One Piece Episode 564


Hody still follows Shirahoshi and Luffy around like a maniac. At the same time, Hody remembers his childhood. He had been raised from a young age to hate people because they were evil. When the pirate age began, little Hody walked the streets and heard everyone cursing people because they were to blame for the increasing kidnappings. A few days later, a right-wing fish-man was hailed as a hero for blowing himself up, taking an entire ship full of people with him. People’s enthusiasm only completed Hody’s false worldview. Then little Hody met Arlong, who kept preaching hatred of man.

Years later, Zeo and his friends heard that Fisher Tiger was killed by humans, so he was no longer a hero in their eyes. Masked, Zeo, Daruma, Ikaros Much, Dosun and other fish people always went out at night to people who dared to give blood to humans. They punished them by setting fire to their houses, thus spreading the law that blood should not be given to humans.

A few days later in a bar, Hody and his gang were talking about Otohime and Jinbe, who would now try to live with the humans. Hody said that the country needed a new and true hero. Shortly after, he pulled off his perfidious plan to kill Otohime and place the blame on a human. That same evening, Hody and his people celebrated. Further, Hody presented his latest find, a bag full of E.S. pills, to his gang. He immediately asked Zeo if he could reproduce them, to which Zeo replied in the affirmative.

Present: Fukaboshi continues to give his speech. He says that at some point they split off from the Fishmen’s District, making it a lawless zone. Fukaboshi had tried to follow in his mother’s footsteps and continued to collect signatures. However, they should have come clean with their own feelings first. Thus, what Otohime had feared the most had already happened. The hatred of the older generation passed to the children and what came out was Hody and his gang. Afterwards, Fukaboshi openly admits that he despised the people a little himself due to Otohime’s death and overlooked the goings-on in the fish people’s district. Because of this, Fukaboshi asks Luffy to erase their past and thus set it back to zero. With his always cheerful manner, Luffy then says that he decided long ago with his crew and Jinbe to help the whole island. Anyway, Fukaboshi wouldn’t have to ask for such a thing since they were friends. These words also reach the islanders, who now have faith in Luffy and stop running away.

Gyoncorde Square: Ikaros Much tries to stand up to Franky, but the latter is able to fire him up with his new Franky Fireball. Meanwhile, Dosun wants to attack Chopper, who changes into his Double Weight form to stop his hammer. Zoro marvels at Chopper’s new exterior, which was normally his human form, but now looks rather monstrous. Chopper explains that he used to want to be human so he could make friends, but now prefers to be a monster so he can help Luffy. Shortly after, Zoro is surprised by Hyouzou. However, he is able to parry the attack and destroy all of his swords. Zoro complains that they should finally bring him the strongest swordsman on the island, since Hyouzou couldn’t even kill his boredom.

Back outside the island, Luffy gets ready for his last stand with Hody.

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