One Piece Episode 562


Now that Vander Decken has lost consciousness, the Noah is slowly falling down onto Fish Man Island. Fukaboshi knows that this means the end of the island and also of the Noah. He remembers that when the Noah appeared on the horizon of Fishmen Island, Neptune explained to him and his brothers that the Noah was not just a relic from the past. Once, their ancestors had made a promise to a great man that the ship must not be moved or reach the surface until a certain day. That day has not yet come, and since no one remembers who built the Noah in the first place, no one knows who could repair her or, if necessary, make a second one. This is why, he says, it is so important that the Noah not be damaged either. Fukaboshi therefore wants to save both the island and the Noah at all costs.

Meanwhile, Hody Jones makes fun of Luffy’s desperate situation. Luffy has decided that if all else fails, he will destroy the ship with his own hands. Fukaboshi tries to dissuade him, but Luffy sees no other solution at the moment. Shirahoshi swims after the Noah, hoping to do something. Hody finds this exceedingly annoying and wants to finally get rid of the princess, so he attacks her. She is protected by Manboshi. The second attack is fended off by Luffy, who tries to counter with the gum-gum jet gun, but Hody manages to sink his teeth into Luffy’s shoulder. Luffy manages to knock Hody away, but Hody’s teeth are stuck in his shoulder. As Luffy pulls them out, he realizes that his armor haki is not yet strong enough to stand up to such attacks in the water. Luffy then follows Hody to the Noah.

Hody damages the ship’s protective bubble, letting the air out. Luffy thus has nowhere to fight Hody at full power and tries to dodge his attacks before his protective bubble is burst again. Fukaboshi then interferes. He wants to face Hody, while Shirahoshi is supposed to take care of Luffy. The latter swims after Noah with Luffy in her hands.

A battle ensues again between Fukaboshi and Hody, with Fukaboshi trying to figure out why Hody is willing to sacrifice even the lives of his comrades to achieve his goal. However, Fukaboshi is severely injured by Hody’s blade and seems defeated without having received an answer. However, the prince manages to pick himself back up and at least wrestle his trident from Hody. He grabs Hody by the collar and asks if he even realizes what he is doing or if his hatred has blinded him so much already. He wants to know what people have done such terrible things to Hody in his past that he has such a hatred for them. Quietly, Hody answers him, to which Fukaboshi lets go in shock. Hody takes advantage of this moment of carelessness and stabs Fukaboshi with his blade. Luffy wants to help him, but Shirahoshi continues to swim after Noah with a heavy heart. Meanwhile, Luffy receives a call from the air tank control room. They are ready to execute their plan.

Flashback, shortly after Hody lost Luffy and Fukaboshi to kill Vander Decken: Fukaboshi briefly swims back to the entrance of the island with Luffy and orders his men to prepare a large air bubble. Fukaboshi explains that if Hody lets the air out of the ship, they are armed.

Present: The people at the air tank explain to Luffy that if they shoot the air bubble at the Noah, he could fight there. The Noah’s fall would also be slowed somewhat, but not stopped. However, they only have one chance to hit the ship since they can’t make another bubble.

Hody tries another attack on Luffy and the princess. However, Luffy is able to fend off the attack, jumps on Hody’s back, breaks off his blade and punches him away with all his might. Afterwards, Hody pops himself another handful of E.S. pills. He explains that he’s perfectly willing to shorten his own life as long as he achieves his goal of destroying the humans and getting his revenge. Fukaboshi, meanwhile, regains consciousness and tries to tell Luffy via Den-den Mushi that he’s figured out what Hody really is.

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