One Piece Episode 561


Outside Fish-Man Island: Luffy claims he will protect everything and everyone, to which Hody Jones can only laugh, as it is already too late. Hody has defeated Decken, should the latter die or lose consciousness, the latter’s devilish power would cancel itself out and the Noah would fall onto the island.

Gyoncorde Square: Wadatsumi gets upset at Sanji for supposedly attacking him for no reason. Sanji sees this differently and another exchange of blows begins between the two, which Sanji is able to win again. Nami, in turn, demonstrates another new technique of hers to the enemy fish people – Black Ball: Raiun Rod. With this, she takes out several flocks of enemies at once. Zeo and Ikaros want to attack Nami because of this. Zeo noticed earlier that Sanji also overreacted just because of Nami, so he assumes that she might be the gang’s weak point. Zeo turns invisible and goes to hold Nami’s legs while Ikaros finishes her off. When Nami can’t move her legs, Ikaros tries to dry her out with his squid spears. However, Brook throws himself in between at the last moment. Ikaros wonders why his spear doesn’t work on Brook. The latter explains that he is already a dried skeleton. Franky, who is looking for a strong opponent, is just passing by and thinks he has found a good opponent in Ikaros, so he punches him away. Franky asks the officer if he has enough backbone to take him on, to which Ikaros accepts the challenge. Brook, meanwhile, realizes that he stepped on Zeo’s head. Zeo, however, can’t admit this disgrace and claims he headbutted Brook against the sole of his shoe.

Meanwhile, underground, Daruma tries to locate Chopper and digs several tunnels, just as Chopper does. Through the many tunnels in the ground, the enemy troops above them slowly sink. Usopp, meanwhile, doesn’t notice Dosun sneaking up on him. Before Dosun can finish Usopp off with his hammer, Chopper leaps out of the ground and takes Dosun down. Usopp’s question about Chopper connecting all the tunnels together is answered in the affirmative by the reindeer. Usopp then explodes the tunnel system, hitting Daruma as well. Daruma wants to take revenge on Usopp, who in turn counts on Chopper’s support, but he is already engaged in a fight of his own with Dosun. Shortly after, all the officers take E.S. pills.

Outside the island: Ryuboshi wants to catch up with Shirahoshi to explain that she needs to change course to save Fish-Man Island, but Hody wounds Ryuboshi badly. After Luffy and Fukaboshi understand what is at stake, they next try to catch up with Shirahoshi, but once again Hody stands in their way. Desperate, Manboshi calls out to his sister to finally swim to the side. In fact, she hears him. This angers Hody, which is why he wants to chase after her. Luffy tries to hold him back, but can’t hold him for long because of the water.

Noah: Blankets tries to get back to his feet and stand up. He swears revenge on Hody, saying that he is still marked as a target by him after all. He raises his axe to throw it at Hody. However, he is too weakened and cannot hold it. As a result, he falls down with it and hits his head on it, causing him to lose consciousness. Vander Decken’s devilish power thus loses its effect, and the Noah falls straight towards Fish-Man Island.

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