One Piece Episode 560


Noah: Hody Jones has pierced Vander Decken IX with his trident. Enraged, Decken throws a small axe. Hody explains that it was Decken who would have betrayed him first, when Decken planned to use Noah to destroy the island’s protective bubble. But in the meantime, Hody likes this plan. Right now, he just wants to get rid of the Straw Hats, and if Decken died now, the Noah would fall right onto the island and destroy everything. Decken’s thrown axe is just coming back at this moment. Decken tries to get Hody’s attention and attack him, but his attack is blocked and he is used as a shield for his own axe. Decken then falls inside the ship.

Outside the Noah: Hody now pursues Shirahoshi. Although Manboshi and Ryuboshi stand in his way, they are no match for him and are defeated within seconds. Shirahoshi tries to escape Hody, but he is just too fast and is able to catch them in the end. Then Luffy and Fukaboshi appear, who are able to push Hody away. Fukaboshi excuses his tardiness by saying that they had to work out a strategy beforehand.

Gyoncorde Square: Wadatsumi is still dejected and has lost his fighting spirit since his captain sacrificed him for his revenge. In order for Wadatsumi to get rid of Surume for them, Zeo convinces Wadatsumi that Decken didn’t sacrifice him, but just wanted him to take care of the square. Wadatsumi believes this lie. Zeo throws him an E.S. pill so he can take on the Kraken. The pill immediately hits and Wadatsumi turns into a raging battle giant, which knocks Surume unconscious with one punch. Next Wadatsumi goes to attack Jinbe, he is able to block the giant fish man’s punch with a kick and knocked back. The kick literally knocks Wadatsumi down, taking Nami down with the force of the impact, which in turn makes Sanji furious. Sanji therefore attacks Wadatsumi with a kick, which also does quite a bit of damage to the giant fish-man.

Hyouzou, meanwhile, sits drunk at a coral taking handful after handful of E.S pills, drinking and drinking while his men try to get him to fight. Fishman Nuru wants to take advantage of this opportunity to become the officer, as well as the best swordsman, on Fish-Man Island by taking on Zoro. Meanwhile, Hyouzou is suddenly writhing in pain as he undergoes the same transformation as Hody. Meanwhile, Nuru continues to fight Zoro, but stands no chance against him. Eventually, he is defeated by Hyouzou, who has picked himself back up. He now attacks everything in front of him. Next, he goes to attack Robin, but his attack is blocked by Zoro. Zoro explains that he sees Hyouzou as the perfect warm up for the New World.

Outside Fish-Man Island: Hody explains his superiority in the water and Luffy’s hopelessness, as the Noah would soon crash into the island. Therefore, Luffy would not be able to protect his crew, his friends, the island’s inhabitants, or the island itself. However, Luffy denies this. He explains that he can protect everything, as it is what he has been working towards for the past two years.

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